Gapdongi Wrap Up Party

Now that the drama Gapdongi has come to an end with its final episode broadcast last Saturday, the wrap up party held at Yeouido on the same day of 21st June must have been filled with mixed emotions of cheer and sadness.  Though it is a time to celebrate the hard work put in over the past 3 months and for having accomplished a wonderful drama, it is also time to say farewell.
We too have enjoyed watching this drama very much and will miss our weekly must watch episodes.
Thanks to all the actors, PD Jo Su Won and the filming crew ….. for your hard work and dedication.
We’ll miss Mu Yeom …….
wrap up 6a
wrap up 7
wrap up 9
wrap up 8
wrap up 10
wrap up 4
wrap up 11a
wrap up 1a

wrap up 2a

wrap up 5a
wrap up 3
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4 Responses to Gapdongi Wrap Up Party

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I am really sorry that Gapdongi has finished. I always wanted SH to play such a role, and when he undertook the role of HMY, I was really happy as I was sure that he can do so different character very well. He was really amazing in it, mainly when he showed his mad face… I was surprised although, I expected it from him!!! I loved his imitation of Bruce Lee, I have to tell that I laughed a lot about it as I see the original one’s films and it was a little bit different, but I loved it so much… I thought that we could miss his smile for a long time when the shooting of drama was started, but not, we could see very early his enchanting smile when OM washed his feet. Otherwise, all the actors and actresses were unforgettable in this drama, from the very young to the eldest! And then we didn’t talk about the director, who was everywhere to help the actors and actresses with his instructions and the scriptwriter who wrote a very good drama. And I am grateful to her as he accepted my request that SH must be alive at the end! Thank you!^^ I don’t know how SH feels this drama his own one, but sometimes I felt as if he would have written the scenario by his own hand, as it was typical SH. I think these two last dramas made SH think about very important things of life…
    Regarding wrap up party, I think it wasn’t a light party, mainly if I see the apron in SH’s neck! 😀 I think everybody was very happy after the really very good work! Congratulation to everyone who was working on this drama! It is very popular in Hungary, too!!!
    Some photos are really funny and show the elation… The little HMY is very lovely and strange with this very different hairstyle.
    SH’s outfit was good. I loved his T-shirt and the sandals very much. This T-shirt recalled me one of his drawing… ^^ His rust color sandals or rather slipper was very good, I liked it very much and it could be very confortable! And his new mobile is very nice, white! 😀
    I like and appreciate him as he is always stop for a minute to show his love to his fans or to the reporters and photographers! And he always has a nice smile to the fans… That’s why the fans support and love him so much… And if his communication would be even better with fans that would be great^^ Have a nice recreation after this really fantastic work!

    • sheeprondo says:

      The little boy’s hair has grow long , just like Sang Hyun’s.
      With similar hairstyles, they take after each other even more.
      I wonder how old the boy is. They look like father and son 🙂
      Hope not just to see Sang Hyun on the sreen again soon, but also his own kids!

      • juleecwk says:

        This young man acted very well and I’m sure he would be a good actor. He does resemble MY.
        I wonder when we will get to see SH junior 🙂

    • juleecwk says:

      It must have been a hectic day for SH, with the autograph session and wrap up party on the same day. But he does look very cheerful and in a good mood. Wonder if SH prepared something since he’s wearing that apron. It’s probably the rainy season now in Seoul as the skies were rather cloudy and dark with drizzles on the few days I was there.

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