Sang Hyun In Rio de Janeiro (Day 1)

Thanks to Arirang TV’s ‘Korean Actor Meets Telenova’ Facebook, we get the latest updates and wonderful photos on Sang Hyun’s trip to Brazil.

rio de janeiro 1a

rio de janeiro 2a

rio de janeiro 3a

rio de janeiro 6

rio de janeiro 4a

rio de janeiro 5a

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2 Responses to Sang Hyun In Rio de Janeiro (Day 1)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I have to admit that I am very jealous as Sang-Hyeon is at a beautiful place now! Rio is one of the place where I wanted to go. The Copacabana, the Corcovado, I think there’s no people who can see these two wonders of Rio, won’t know where is this place. I was sure that SH’s first path would take him to the Corcovado, to the statue of Christ, the Remeeder. It’s a fantastic statue and radiates something inner calmness to the viewers.
    Sang-Hyeon won’t be SH if he wouldn’t show the same pose as the statue, although, there’s difference… 😀 The statue is standing alone on the top of Corcovado, contrary to SH, who is hugged by his very nice and pretty guide! 😀 I told there are beautiful women and men in Brasil.
    As I see there was another famous people there, Messi??? I’m just kidding! But in south-America it’s not bad thing to be on the same photo with Messi or Neymar! 😀 If I have to do, I would choose Neymar of course, beside SH! 😀 As I am a brasilian soccer fan!!!
    I think his acclimatization went very well as he seems to be very fresh and relaxed! Perhaps, last night there was not big party??? It’s strange in Rio! Otherwise, I heard, there was a big blackout after the match Brasil – Cameroon at a part of Rio, hopefully, this didn’t concern his hotel!
    His outfit is very youthful, and I think it’s warm there despite being winter as he is wearing shorts. This is a little bit strange for me as it seems to me as the bottom part of a pajamas. I think he was not so tired… 😀 Sorry, I’m just joking, as I am happy that I can see him!^^ Hopefully, he took a big walk on the Copacabana and at least dipped his feet into the ocean! 😀
    I am happy, that SH is again SH as his new mobile is in his hand again! 😀
    Although, here I haven’t seen a photo about the train ticket that was in the hand of one female member of his staff, but I agree with the caption on it: A Copa do Mundo é nossa! (The World Cup is Ours!) Hopefully, it would be true as the play of the brasilian national team was increadible good yesterday and if they would repeat it every time to the finale, this sentence would be true! Let it be!!!^^

    • juleecwk says:

      When I first saw this photo, I had also thought he was wearing those casual pyjamas type of long pants and only realized it’s a pair of bermudas. Is it winter there now? It’s probably not so cold since everyone seems to be wearing light clothes. He does have an attractive guide 🙂 SH is probably going to visit the PROJAC centre next, looking forward to more photos.

      Would love to go up the Corcovado if ever I go to Brazil.

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