Gapdongi Special

Gapdongi special broadcast on tvN this Friday 27th June @ 20:40 KST.

special 1

special 2

special 3

special 4b

special 5

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One Response to Gapdongi Special

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It could be interesting to watch how the actors and actresses feel themselves during the shooting, what kind of problem and difficulties they have or how many funny situation has occured! Hopefully, once we could watch it as I am very curious, mainly the most intimate moments of the shooting, if you know what I mean… 😀 Of course, the kisses… I wonder what they feel or how is the situation when they have to kiss someone who is not their lovers… I think SH always makes it funnily, to relieve tension! 😀 But once I would like to hear it from his mouth what he feels and for whom he is thinking at that moment or just concentrate to the partner, mainly if she is pretty??? 😀 And of course, I love the NG-s very much! 😀

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