Getting Sang Hyun’s Autograph @ Incheon

Chasecult autograph signing event @ Incheon Guwol on 21st June 2014
As it was a last minute decision, everything had been done in a rush. Though it may be usual for me to have these tug of war episodes between mind and heart on whether to go or not, I suppose this trip had the most rushed planning.  But anyway, I was finally on my way.

incheon city hall - guwol dong

I had been considering whether to walk from the Incheon City Hall subway station as the autograph signing venue at the Incheon Guwol store did not seem that far on the map. But not wanting to risk getting lost along the way and wasting precious minutes getting to the right place, I decided to take a cab from Bupyeong subway station where we would have to change to Line 1 to get to the City Hall station. From where we were staying around Anguk, getting to Incheon takes quite a while and involves 2 subway line changes.
We arrived at Guwol 4-dong with 30 minutes to spare. This Chasecult store is located in a residential market area, at a junction with stalls just across the road.  With curious shoppers who had gathered to watch, it had seemed kind of crowded. I had earlier planned to take a look at the clothing inside the store but since the place was buzzing with the event preparation, I decided against going in.  I had wanted to buy something so that I could get that beautiful paper bag with Sang Hyun’s picture on it.

guwol 1

After collecting my participation ticket, I joined the queue which had already started on the right side of the store entrance. On hindsight, I should have waited around the junction which would have given me a good view of Sang Hyun when he arrived.  Why is it always on hindsight …….
guwol 8
Promo posters at store entrance.
Though the event was supposed to begin at 15:00, Sang Hyun arrived about 20 minutes later.  Probably they had to find their way in or traffic was heavy from what I had observed while on our way to the venue.  Unfortunately I did not manage to snap a good photo as he made his entrance. 

guwol 10

guwol 2a
I’m neither of these 2 ladies in the photo.

guwol 3

It was rather disappointing that photography was prohibited and I only managed to snap a few hasty shots from where I was in the queue.  To make it easier for Sang Hyun, the staff had told everyone to write down their names on the participation ticket.  My turn came quickly as we were at the front of the queue. 
As I walked over to where he was sitting, he did not look up at first as he proceeded to sign on the A4 size poster.  It’s now or never so after handing over a gift, I told him my name and where I came from.  He looked up then, smiled in acknowledgement and replied with ‘kamsahabnida’ as I continued with wishing him a safe trip to Brazil and ‘to please take care of yourself’ in Korean.  With the autographed poster in hand, I then had to make my exit though I would have loved to stay a little longer.
guwol 5
He had signed my name in Korean and added a heart …… 
guwol 4
The queue alongside the store with its entrance on the left.
guwol 6
guwol 7
guwol 9
A colorful fruit stall opposite the store.
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5 Responses to Getting Sang Hyun’s Autograph @ Incheon

  1. Mimi says:

    He’s really so cute and elegant with that turquoise T – shirt .. As I see the queue was very long .. His popular and deserves to be loved 😀 .. I’m happy he gave u his heart dear Julee 😀 our shining star is always gorgeous .. Wish all my friends who eager to meet him have this valuable chance .. But let me ask u Julee , will u use the bag with his photo or use it ? I’m sorry if it’s a silly question 😀 .. Good luck of all

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Mimi, though I had earlier planned on getting something from the store I didn’t get to buy anything due to the store’s event preparation. When I reached there, I had already started queuing. If I had come across another Chasecult store, I would definitely have bought something. So I didn’t get that paper bag after all. 😦

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    It was a nice sentence from you, Mimi: “I’m happy e gave you his heart!” Yes, Julee is lucky as he gave her heart to SH and she got back SH’s heart! When we will get his signature and mainly his heart… ??? 😦 Although, I have no place at home at all, but I think I would surely get a space for that poster when SH is in a yellow jacket… 😀 May I ask what was the gift? Next time you should show him with your name together something characteristic sign which would show him that you are Julee, who is writing a blog about him. If he would see it, he would realize that you are that Julee and he would have more time for you, I am sure! In case of me it won’t be hard to fine such a sign as my name is different and I don’t think so, that he has too many acquaintance with the name Zsuzsanna. 😀 And I would like to now how he would write down my name… 😀 So, do think about the sign Julee! 😀
    The store is very interesting and I think there were many people there. I think with the sale and discounts, there were more people who bought clothes there! They have really youthful and cool clothes, I like them! I especially love the dotted shirts. Although, what he was wearing was really nice, but my favorite was the deeper blue on the photo-shooting! His outfit was casual, but very elegant! And his smile as always, it was amazing… 😀

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