Annyeong Gapdongi

the end
Yes, we too are feeling the blues …..
Gapdongi might have ended with its final episode last Saturday but I will certainly not forget this drama.  I have really enjoyed it along with its good casts, even those who play the baddies.  Each of them have become so much a part of the drama that I see them as the characters themselves in every episode.  Sang Hyun was perfect as Mu Yeom with his intense eyes which were so rich with emotion that it wraps itself around our hearts.
I will miss this drama and mostly you ….. Ha Mu Yeom.  It would be perfect if you ever make a comeback in a sequel or another thriller.  And to Sang Hyun, I hope we will not have to wait too long to see you in another drama. You may not be Mu Yeom all over again, but no matter in what new role you play …… I know you will be the best.  Hope we’ll see you again very soon.
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One Response to Annyeong Gapdongi

  1. sheeprondo says:

    The idea of a sequel is really exciting!
    Hope there is really a sequel!

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