Gapdongi Special (2)

Select HD for better viewing.

I’m glad we have this special broadcast which brings back some of the memorable scenes of this drama.
Love the NGs and behind the scenes which show us the funny as well as fun moments. 
Thanks tvN.
Some of the screen grabs which shows the close rapport between the casts, the NGs which made me laugh and how Gapdong too needs to have fun off camera …..

special 1

special 2

special 3

special 4
Sang Hyun and Ji Won playing footsies during a break.

special 5

special 6
Sang Hyun affectionately refers to Ji Won as Gapdong’s angel.
special 7Bromance with screen wife partner Jo Ji Hwan and PD Jo Su Won.

special 8

special 9
A surprise revelation about this long kiss scene is that it was Kim Min Jung who provided the lead during the rehearsal.
special 10Sang Hyun seems rather embarrassed and breaks into laughter immediately after the scene.
special 11
No worries because you did just great in this scene which garnered a high viewership for the clip highlight.
special 12More NGs ……
special 13What we saw ……
special 14And what we did not see behind the scenes ….

special 15

special 16

special 17aJeong In Gi refers to Kim Min Jung’s pouring water over his head as a waterfall.
special 18aHaving fun when not in Gapdong mode …… how could this man be the real Gapdong?
special 19
From left to right ….. the staff who provided Gapdong’s signature knot, the digital artist who created Gapdong’s poster and the voice of Gapdong’s signature whistling.

special 20

special 21The casts and crew taking a memorial photo as filming finally wraps up.
special 22
PD Jo seems a little sad to bid farewell to the Gapdong family
special 23Thank you PD Jo for having given us a wonderful drama.
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3 Responses to Gapdongi Special (2)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Thank you so much, Julee.
    I enjoy watching the program 🙂 but cannot understand the language.
    Wish there were subtitles.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    It would be really good if it would be subbed as we could understand more from these scenes! I think working with him could be very funny, perhaps, sometimes tiring and he tries to make joke from everything. I didn’t think that he would take on the role of the cameraman! 😀 Or he would give such a funny speach with dancing movements at the meeting… Although, at our boring meetings it would be really refreshing view such a colleague! 😀 Or he would jump on the horse and ride after Oh Maria, even if he hasn’t arrived too faraway as that horse was fixed very well! 😀 Now we could see that he can ride a horse…???!!! 😀 Hopefully, until now he could found OM with the help of that horse, if not, he would try with a real horse! I would like to ride a prince on a real horseback! 😀

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