Gapdongi Wrap Up (tvN Go)

A special clip on the filming wrap up of Gapdongi with Sang Hyun and Kim Min Jung has been uploaded at tvN’s mobile site.  To watch, download the app ‘tvN go’ but unfortunately it is only available for Android phones.  This clip is listed under the the home section highlighted in red at top left.
tvn go 1
As could be seen from the clip, filming was completed for some of the scenes before it finally wrapped up.  Having worked together so closely for the past few months, these final moments must have been bittersweet.
1Completing the final shoot of a scene between Mu Yeom and Oh Maria.
2Hugging each other after the filming …… going to miss you.


5Staff blowing on Oh Maria’s whistle to break up the moment. 
6Staff on camera asking for a comment.
7Sang Hyun said that though filming had been difficult and tiring, Kim Min Jung had provided a lot of energy.  But he was unable to say more as he was sleepy.
8Kim Min Jung thanks viewers for watching Gapdongi.  Though it had been difficult to grasp the emotions in this heavy drama, she was grateful to have been able to discuss the script with Sang Hyun. With a bit of laughter, they were able to have fun during shooting.





10Sang Hyun cheering with “I had faced the most difficulties” which the PD agreed with.


12Sang Hyun “See you tomorrow! Go back and have a good rest”
Probably they were meeting the next day for the wrap up dinner.


14Completing the final shooting with Ji Won


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5 Responses to Gapdongi Wrap Up (tvN Go)

  1. coollcat2 says:

    I hope one day I will be able to see this clip. The App is only for android phone.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    The connection with both of the ladies were really good! But I think he was on the same wave with JW as they are like the vivid children! They were very lovely together! The relationship with MJ was a little bit different as they had some scenes where they had to get very close to each other!
    I like when SH is so cheerful and happy. Perhaps, he was waiting for finishing the drama, but I’m sure he is a little bit disappointed as he loved this role very much! He was really good in the role of HMY!

    • juleecwk says:

      After having worked so closely and with such good rapport, it is a bit sad to say goodbye. That was a very warm hug, as if they wanted to prolong the moment. Hope they will remain good friends and keep in touch. I like SH’s role as HMY very much, perfect for his intense and emotional acting.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        I agree, Julee, this role was written for SH, Regarding MJ,,they might remain good friends, but I think they won’t keep in touch… SH is always busy, so, he has no time for new friends… 😀

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