Their Romantic Kiss (tvN Go)

tvn go 2
Another exclusive clip on tvN Go mobile site, on the making of the romantic kiss between Mu Yeom and Oh Maria in her cabin (episode 12).  As was mentioned in the media article, the kiss lasted 18 secs but it definitely took much longer to shoot …….. with much effort and slight embarrassment.
1Meticulous rehearsal for the scene.


3Shooting begins ……




7The bed scene next ……



As the scene was cut, PD Jo must have wanted to ease the tension as he asked whether they would be upset when there was no kissing.
  That certainly made both of them laugh.


12Shooting continues where the couple is supposed to move over and lie down on the bed, but they fell onto it instead as they were both tired. 
13Though the move might have seemed effortless in the episode, it was another funny moment for them. 
14The next scene is where the phone rings and Mu Yeom gets up to answer the call from the detention centre. 


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2 Responses to Their Romantic Kiss (tvN Go)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I wonder what they really think about PD Jo’s question! 😀 It could be akward to kiss someone who is not our real partner, although, SH didn’t seem to be too embarrassed, though his head was a little bit red.. 😀 It would be funny if both of them could have fallen asleep at the moment when they arrived at the bed. 😀 They were really lovely and they could kiss enough long! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I think the PD was trying to lighten up the mood. He said ‘cut’ so there was no kissing on the bed, and anyway it’s probably simulated since the camera was on SH’s back. Though the kiss seems to be continuous in the episode, the filming was actually done in parts. When I was watching the beginning of the ‘long’ kiss in the episode, I felt SH was doing it in ‘slow-mo’ 😀 That clip highlight was very popular and had a high viewership.

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