Gapdongi Episode 18

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Frankly I find this episode confusing with certain things I  have yet to figure out ……
The trial for Cha Do Hyeok begins but it seems his ploy of using multiple personality disorder (MPD) to account for his crime seems to work.  Perhaps this is just simplified for drama but I wonder if it is that easy for someone who can act well and knows how to give the expected answers to manipulate the diagnosis.
18-1 Mu Yeom is not fooled by Do Hyeok and is determined to expose him.
Getting the 2 Gapdongs to meet, he points out that a heavier sentence for one would result in a decreased sentence for the other.  Perhaps that might persuade Tae Oh to choose which side he should be on as he wonders aloud whether Mu Yeom could help him escape the death penalty or if Do Hyeok could offer him the freedom he seeks.  Does Tae Oh mean psychological rather than physical freedom?
Do Hyeok undergoes a medical evaluation and managed to convince the doctor with his act.
In this scene he displays the traits of an old man, one of his so called personalities.



Here’s looking at you Gapdong Cha ….
18-9During her testimony, Oh Maria identifies Do Hyeok as the killer of her childhood friend.
Do Hyeok takes the stand again as witness and as the district attorney grills him on whether he’s Gapdong, he suddenly transforms into his Gapdong personality.
Spewing Gapdong fury and snickering at the judges for better effect, he then looks around for Kim Jae Hee (Oh Maria) whom he threatens to strangle to death.
Oh Maria gets up to face him but Mu Yeom stops her.
Mu Yeom: Pleased to meet you Gapdong and thank you for revealing your face.
As Gapdong Cha continues to sneer at Mu Yeom and that ‘fool Cha’ whom he claims to control, he suddenly changes back to his dazed and confused self.  Another convincing act for those who were present and those watching the trial live.


Mu Yeom confronts Do Hyeok outside the court room, telling him to stop his pretense.
As he’s being led away and unseen by Mu Yeom, he smiles to himself.
Do Hyeok undergoes another medical evaluation through hypnosis to bring out Gapdong
Speaking as Gapdong, he describes how he had revealed his identity to his 2nd victim before he killed her.
18-17The medical board deliberates over the results of the evaluation and agrees on the diagnosis of MPD.
Oh Maria has no objection but excuses herself while they make their final decision.
A sudden thought which struck her brought her running back to check the recording of Do Hyeok’s hypnosis session.  He had referred to himself as Gapdong to the 2nd victim which could only mean that he was lying as the name of Gapdong was only created by Mu Yeom’s dad after the 2nd case.
18-19Letting Do Hyeok believe that his travel ban is still on, Mu Yeom and Chul Gon set up a plan to catch both Gapdongs at the same time.  Ma Ji-ul had offered to participate as she wanted to see for herself whether it is possible for Tae Oh to change.
18-20Both Gapdongs communicate through texting as the phones would be tapped.  Tae Oh suggests to Do Hyeok to make use of his MPD diagnosis so that he would be considered mentally defective should he kill Mu Yeom.  In return, Do Hyeok tells Tae Oh to complete the 9th murder ….. which would serve his purpose to get rid of Oh Maria. 
18-21Chul Gon briefs the team on their plans, with himself leading a team to get Tae Oh while Mu Yeom’s team goes for Do Hyeok.
It’s not certain who Tae Oh is sending a message to as he wonders what he should do about Do Hyeok’s suggestion.  Was it to Oh Maria or Mu Yeom?
I’m a confused here ……
1)  If Tae Oh was wearing a tracking device, how did he managed to take it off?
2)  How does Do Hyeok’s instruction for him to complete the 9th murder on Oh Maria and Ji-ul  give Tae Oh the freedom he seeks?  He would just be committing another murder so how does that even connect with his wanting to be able to stop killing?
3)  How would Do Hyeok’s attack on Mu Yeom prove his pretense of having MPD?  The court  have already seen his convincing act that he’s not himself.
Mu Yeom’s remark to Do Hyeok about Tae Oh’s suggestion to use the guise of MPD to shoot him seems to indicate that Tae Oh is part of the operation (?).
But if he is with Mu Yeom, why did he kidnap Ma Ji-ul so as to get Oh Maria to turn up for the purpose of completing the 9th murder?  Or is this scenario meant to be a test on himself whether he is able to control his urge to kill?
Do Hyeok goes into Gapdong mode and charges as Mu Yeom reaches for his gun. 


As both men wrestle on the ground, Do Hyeok grabs Mu Yeom’s gun.  I had thought there would be no bullets in it but I was wrong. 
Do Hyeok aims the gun at Mu Yeom and a gunshot is heard in the next scene.  Though we know now what had happened then, it had certainly left us with the impression that he had shot Mu Yeom.
Meanwhile back in woods, Tae Oh waits for Oh Maria to turn up. 
With vacant eyes, he stares at a sobbing Ma Ji-ul.
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3 Responses to Gapdongi Episode 18

  1. coollcat2 says:


    Thank you for your updates with every episode. I will be so lost without them. Having YSH drama withdrawal now. I hope we don’t have to wait for long for his next drama. Have a good weekend!

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I also missed the next episodes, but tomorrow never knows and the end of the series wasn’t really closed as I think it could be continued in the future… I would have some ideas how, but I think the scriptwriter, too! 😀 So, hopefully, we haven’t said good bye to our lovely and spiky HMY… Otherwise, HD’s character (the real Gapdong) was very good and his acting was very good.
    LJ has got a new hairstyle, which was very similar to HMY’s first hairstyle, and I have to admit that this suits him more then the original one. LJ became very cute with it! 😀 As I miss SH’s very spiny hair from the first episodes and mainly from the fanmeeting!!! He was very good-looking with it! 😀

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