Sang Hyun In Sao Paulo

Though there were no official updates, thanks to those who had generously shared their photos with YoonSangHyun International Fans Facebook we get a glimpse of Sang Hyun’s activities on 26th June in Bom Retiro, Sao Paulo.  He certainly seemed to have a great time at the food festival and Dream concert.
A quick check on Wiki mentions a large Korean community involved in the clothing retail business in Bom Retiro and this district has been officially recognised by the São Paulo City Council as being the Korean cultural neighborhood in 2010.
Sao Paulo dream concert (1)a
Photos from Babbi Rodrigues and Dina Kwon.
Dream concert in Bom Retiro on 26th June.  I wonder if Sang Hyun was one of the guest judges.

Sao Paulo dream concert (2)a

Sao Paulo food fair (1)a
All photos from Miller Hoang Thúy Lìhn
Food festival in Bom Retiro on 26th June.

Sao Paulo food fair (5)a

Sao Paulo food fair (6)a

Sao Paulo food fair (2)a

Sao Paulo food fair (4)a

sao paulo 1
Watching the world cup match between South Korea and Belgium.
The match was held at the Corinthians arena in Sao Paulo on 26th June.
Score: Korea 0  vs Belgium 1
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2 Responses to Sang Hyun In Sao Paulo

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Really thanks for the photos as we can imagine what SH did in Sao Paolo. If that part of the city and mainly the koreans living there, have a big experien in clothing retail business, then Sang-Hyeon went to the best place as he also has experiences about it! 😀 So, they could change their experiences and who knows, perhaps once SH will deal with clothing design again in the future and would launch his brandnew collection as he has talent and so many other famous people do the same… So, why not??? 😀
    Otherwise, the second pyjamas’ style bermuda on SH! Which is very stylish and fashionable nowadays, although, I am not able to use to it mainly to the suits in dark color. For me it’s funny, but in light or pastel versions those are cool.
    The other favorite of SH is cooking. So, this trip could be perfect or an award for him as he could see Rio and Brazil, he could met with the fashion there, there were people who were singing, music and cooking! Perhaps, he could get some good recipes and he could cook it at home and his cooking knowledge would be more international! 😀
    And last, but not least, the football or soccer, the name depending on which continent we are! In Europe we use the english football name. Perhaps, in his childhood he didn’t like the football as he was not good playing it, but after some coach role at the FC Men could change his mind relating to it! I am happy that he visited the stadion and he could watch the match on the spot! Although, he doesn’t seem to be very happy on the photo, but I think it was bad to see as the belgian won. And I have to admit the korean national team was not so good as some years ago. They have technical capacity, they could be very good if they want, but now I don’t know what has happened. Although, I think they weren’t so bad as the “fans” have received them at Incheon Airport and what they had got orally. And for me it’s strange that they were “bombarding” with sweets which has a very rude meaning… Although, I know the korean mentality quite well for now as they always try to get the first and solve everything perfectly… Now they were unable to do it… Perhaps, next time, or the female team next year or in 2016… 😀
    It’s interesting that I can see a microphone in his neck! Did he comment the match for a channel or for a tv broadcast or program??? Or just for Arirang did he make some unforgettable moment??? I wonder!
    His brazilian friend looks like more happily, this is the brazilian mentality and that the brazil national team is in the 8! Hopefully, they would go until the victory!!! 😀 Columbia won’t be an easy opponent. His sport jersey is very good, so, he prepared for this match! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I think if SH isn’t acting, he could either go into fashion designing or setting up a restaurant. If he ever opens an eatery, I would definitely visit it when in Seoul. And it would be great if he could be there not only to prepare the food but entertain the customers with his singing 😀

      SH seems to enjoy wearing these bermudas on this trip. Does it look like he’s watching the match at the stadium? I thought they might be watching it at somebody’s home. I hope he wasn’t too disappointed that his home team lost.

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