Sang Hyun With Natália do Vale

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Translation of article from YoonSangHyun International Fans Club Facebook
Sang Hyun interviewed Brazilian actress Natália do Vale in the set of TV drama “Em Familia” (in English: “In the Family”) inside Projac (in the neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro) last week through his interpreter (should be 2014.06.24)
** “Em Familia” is a Brazilian primetime drama premiered on 2014.02.03 on Rede Globo at the timeslot of 9:00 p.m.
In the interview by Sang Hyun, the Brazilian actress talked about her career, gave tips to those who want to take the artist’s path and talked about life in Brazil. When asked if she would accept the offer to launch her entertainment career in Korea, she replied that she would think about the idea despite the very remote possibility.
In the interview by Gshow, Sang Hyun said he had wanted to visit Brazil for a long time, especially Rio de Janerio, and that he was impressed by the structures of TV Globo.
“I was amazed at what’s here for TV production. I’ve followed the Brazilian dramas and recognized Natalia. This is a world of dramas!”
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One Response to Sang Hyun With Natália do Vale

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Does he have time for following the brazilian dramas?? Well, he is always prepared and prefectionist! I agree with him seeing Rio is a really fantastic thing. I also would like to do it once as I have seen many documentary and photo about it, but visiting it personally, it’s not the same! I am jealous a little bit as he can be full of wonderful experiences about Brazil. And perhaps, the south-american music’s rhythm could be heard in his next songs as I am sure he was impressed by it. It’s pity that SC wasn’t with him as he is writing the music… 😀

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