Gapdongi Episode 19

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 Mu Yeom finally gets Do Hyeok to admit to his other murders after subjecting him to a terror ride and crashing the car against a kerb.  It was a risky move and fortunately they were not seriously injured though Mu Yeom’s head injury is still a cause for concern.
Do Hyeok grabs Mu Yeom’s gun in their tussle and aims it at him.
  Fortunately officer Young-ae who is observing them at a distance has her gun ready to defend Mu Yeom if necessary.


19-3bBefore Do Hyeok could open fire, he gets hit on the shoulder by Young-ae’s bullet.  Perhaps that had deflected his aim as his bullet hits Mu Yeom in the shoulder.
19-4Hyeong Nyeon who had been waiting outside, rushes in as he heard gunshots and finds both men lying injured on the ground. 


Hyeong Nyeon handcuffs Do Hyeok to the car and does not seem too happy as Mu Yeom gets in and drives off.  It seems to be part of Mu Yeom’s plan to force a confession from Do Hyeok but isn’t it rather dangerous for him to drive in his injured condition?


Mu Yeom demanded to know where Do Hyeok had buried his other victims even as the latter insisted that he did not commit more murders.  
19-9Determined that he will get the truth out of Do Hyeok yet, Mu Yeom presses on the pedal but in his weakened condition and with blurring vision, the speeding car swerves dangerously.  Do Hyeok starts to panic and screams that he’s going to kill them both.


Mu Yeom seems to be on the verge of losing consciousness as his vision blurs and he loses control of the car.


The car goes over a kerb and crashes into a low wall before it finally came to a stop.  A defeated Do Hyeok finally reveals the location where he had buried one of his victims.


19-14The remains of the woman Do Hyeok had killed 3 years ago.


Even at such a moment, Do Hyeok makes a scene when he felt that they were neglecting his injuries and demanded to be treated first. 
Mu Yeom and Do Hyeok are taken to the hospital for treatment.  As Do Hyeok’s wife is out of the country, he requests that Mu Yeom signs for his surgery.  The doctors look over Mu Yeom’s brain scan and the prognosis of his prefrontal lobe hematoma does not look good even if he should undergo surgery.
19-20aMeanwhile back in the woods, Tae Oh finally gets Oh Maria to turn up as expected.  Following through on Do Hyeok’s suggestion to complete the 9th murder and to replay the scenario, he forces Ji-ul and Maria to play the rock-paper-scissors game. 
I could not help thinking that perhaps both of them could jump Tae Oh instead of meekly submitting to his threats.  Oh Maria does know some self defense, doesn’t she?  This scene feels a bit anti-climatic as instead of showing a vicous killer, it is more like they were having a psycho therapy session.
Both ladies refused to vary the game as they held onto the same choice of ‘rock’.  But just as Maria decided to sacrifice herself by choosing ‘scissors’, Ji-ul changed her choice to ‘paper’ which put her as the loser instead.  Though she’s aghast at herself for choosing to survive at Maria’s expense, Maria does not blame her as she too had done the same 17 years ago. 
19-21The team is puzzled at Tae Oh’s inaction though he had followed up on the rock-paper-scissors game while I’m puzzled why they are just waiting it out.  I figured they needed stronger evidence to make the arrest but even then, were they really going to wait until the ladies get stabbed before moving in?
Despite his injuries, Mu Yeom turns up to check on the situation and decides to end the impasse.  Finally someone is doing something instead of waiting for the cows to come home.


19-23Though Mu Yeom wanted to know why Tae Oh did not proceed beyond the game, he must have known that Tae Oh was using this to prove his mental illness and to get out of the death penalty.  As Tae Oh starts to drag Ji-ul away, the team moves in to arrest him.


19-25Though Oh Maria did not say it out explicitly, it was clear to Mu Yeom that she would like for them to get back together.  But he cuts her off by talking to the baby.  I suppose he must have been thinking that with his head injury, his fate is uncertain.  On a side note, doesn’t he look great with that baby?



Mu Yeom undergoes another brain scan.
Do Hyeok is on trial again, this time for the murder he committed 3 years ago.
19-33Knowing that Do Hyeok had his reasons for turning out the way he did, Mu Yeom seems sad to see him end up like this.



19-35Though Do Hyeok had earlier sneered at the judges for not having done their job when he had committed the previous murders, he suddenly seems terrified and begged for forgiveness as they find him guilty as charged.


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  1. coollcat2 says:

    I just realized this Gapdongyi actor was in Secret Garden too. He was the Gil Ra-im’s father who dead as a fire fighter. I am having Mu Yeom withdrawal syndrome too.

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