Meeting Up With A Good Friend

12-07-2014 hangang
I’m not sure if Sang Hyun heard us but his buddy Seung Chul has just updated in his Facebook a photo of them taking a break by the Han river after riding their bikes and had also mentioned that they might go camping next week.  Though he’s in the shadows, it does look like Sang Hyun. 
Though this might not be his own update but at least we know he’s safely back home after his recent trip to Brazil.  Thanks Seung Chul ……. you are a good friend, hope you’ll both have a great time catching up with each other. 
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5 Responses to Meeting Up With A Good Friend

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Seung Chul is really a good friend, both at work and leisure. However, I really hope that Sang Hyun could spend more time finding/ with his love and there would be good news from him soon.

    • juleecwk says:

      Yes I had the same wish too that besides his buddy, Sang Hyun would have someone special to spend time with. He and NSC have been long time friends and it’s great that they are there for each other. Hope to see their wonderful performance again, SC plays beautiful music.

  2. sheeprondo says:

    I sometimes feel jealous to see them wearing similar rings. How silly of me !!

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    Yes, that man in the dark seems to be Sang-Hyeon! Mainly, he can be as he is pushing his mobile in the usual pose… 😀 As we see him everyday we could realize if he is or not even if it’s dark or not! Otherwise, I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to come closer to SC’s mobile or why he doesn’t take selfies as he likes them so much! But he is hiding his lovely face and smile from us! I wonder why??? 😀 During this shooting he picked up some kilos and it suits him very much, but in that dark photo he seems to be slimmer, hopefully, he didn’t start to diet?! Do not please, I like the HMY-type Sang-Hyeon! 😀
    SC likes to take snapshots very much and he does many things for SH, I am sure… So, he is really good friend for him! Lovely man in black! 😀
    Hopefully, both of them could enjoy their vacation even if they spent them together or separately and could recharge for a new common work. And I do hope that both of them could show their talents again in a new song and in a new drama or film! Have a fantastic relaxation and enjoy the wonders of nature whatever it is!

    • juleecwk says:

      I’m sure everyone remembers a time when SH would post his selfies quite frequently at his Ameblo blog, and though it’s in Japanese it’s easy for everyone to see them. Now that he doesn’t use that blog anymore, we don’t get to see much of him in his everyday moments. Wish he could have some open site that he could share with us.

      But I do understand that he needs his quiet moments, to be away from the crowd and to gather his thoughts. Hope he will have a good rest before his next project.

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