Sang Hyun In Brazil (Showbiz Korea)

Showbiz Korea’s highlight on Sang Hyun’s visit to Brazil back in June.


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2 Responses to Sang Hyun In Brazil (Showbiz Korea)

  1. shandy says:

    His smile is still bright as the sunshine and charming !
    After wrapping up the drama of Gapdong, Yoon comes
    into the sight of public again.

    Still playing an angelic role, he spreads Korean wave further
    down the Latin continent. He must have brushed aside loads
    of various media interviews which he used to have in between
    or after shooting. I consider these are quite a tiring routine,
    with all the better would rather see him playing a more
    significant role such as establishing a bridgehead, spreading
    oriental culture, having a conceptualized and coherent
    communication of music with the Latin Americans.

    It’s awesome seeing Yoon fulfill it with a smooth flow.
    He looks happier, contented with self-affirmation more than
    ever before. It’ll become a glorious memory if not the least
    going down in history, he who’s the first Asian artiste having
    that notable mission, going deeper into the culture on the other
    side of the globe, I feel soooooo proud of him !

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything about their jam session or the studio music, although, I would be very curious. Fabio seems to be a very kindly person and he can sing very well. I have listened some songs from him and he can play guitar! 😀
    I heard that SH had a cameo in a soupopera when he was in Brazil. I wonder what he had to do! 😀
    I would be happy if he really could spread the Korean Wave at Budapest, too! I think we are on the same wave! 😀
    The korean culture is very interesting and nice! Next week I will go for the common concert of the Seoul Kodály Singers, the Haewul-Haegeum traditional group and the CantuS CorvinuS Singing group to the BMC. They will sing hungarian and korean folksongs and some classical music, like Monteverdi, Bach. And the most interesting part of it, that the korean group would sing hungarian songs in hungarian and the hungarians will sing korean songs in korean! Otherwise, it’s interesting as I have never heard that there’s korean Kodály singing group in Seoul, I thought that only the japanese use the Kodály system to teach music to the youth! I have learnt singing in elementary and secondary school by the Kodály system! I am very thankful for it! So, I think this concert will be really good and secretly or not so secretly I can sing the song with the performers together! 😀
    Back to Sang-Hyeon, I hope we could get some news in audio-video format about his jamming and his cameo! 😀

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