Time For Play

Thanks to Sang Hyun’s buddy Seung Chul, we get to share in some of Sang Hyun’s personal moments.
A time for work and a time to play …….
Sang Hyun with one of his favorite toys, a remote control helicopter.
Thanks Seung Chul.

nsc 210714c

nsc 210714d

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3 Responses to Time For Play

  1. shandy says:

    I’m juz wondering how he’s spending the quality of his life?
    Does playing hard come before chasing hard after the gal, hahaha!

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    What a playful girl you are Shandy! 😀 I wonder if those big and small boys are his new bodyguards in Seoul? 😀 Cost saving for the non-shooting days? 😀 I love if he is playing with that helicopter and on the streets or basketball cours and not at home! 😀 I would also like to play with him, I mean with the helicopter! 😀 I was unable to grow up until now and I think i won’t until I die! But this is good!
    He picked up some kilos which suits him very well and he looks very well! Sometimes I feel that SC still prefer to take selfies than SH! And SC seems to be a director on all the photos, showing the most important things! It’s really funny and he is a really good friend! 😀
    Seung-Chul, thank you for the photo and for painting it black! 🙂 Otherwise, in this wonderful surronding, the trees are beautiful SH could show us his martial arts knowledge, some moves like Bruce Lee! 😀 Although, that could be a video as I would miss his voice, too! 😀 And I miss his short spiky hair, I loved it very much! It could have been a very good feeling to touch it! Like many-many spikes… 😀 Little hedgehog! 😀 Perhaps, the weather gives me strange thoughts as it’s raining unceasingly from morning, it’s raining like cats and dogs… As if the rainman would be so close, but we are unable to see the clear sky with its thousands of stars and the Moon! Perhaps, I will go home by boat… 😀 Otherwise, hiking in the mountains could be a good idea, if the weather is good! Have a good relaxation and recharge for you new role, hopefully, not less interesting then this was! 😀

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