Gapdongi Special

Filming of the final scene, with delightful cuts and BTS of the drama Gapdongi.
It’s nice to see the casts having fun during the filming.
Watching this makes me miss the drama and Mu Yeom.


hamuyeom 2

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3 Responses to Gapdongi Special

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    They finished the shooting at a very nice place in Paju, and I think this place could be very well-known by Sang-Hyeon, as I know he was grown up at the surroundings. So, he has more wonderful memories here! I really miss that I cannot wait for a newer episode weekly and I miss that I cannot see him in each week. But once the shooting has to be ended and even if the characters and actors and actresses became the parts of our lives in every week, we have to let them go. Although, in our memories we could keep very lovely or exciting moments about the drama. I am really happy that SH always wanted to act such a role as detective HMY, it was a good choice! 😀
    Yes, I think SH is a real mood-maker as he always tries to kidding around and wants to be closer to the others. His connection with IU was really lovely and it would be good if everyone could work together such a way with its colleague everywhere!^^
    There were four moments which makes me laugh! First the scene when OM washed HMY’s feet, that smile was really amazing! 😀 The second was the poor and not very stylish HMY was wearing a CK underpants! ( I think this scene was watched by many times by many women, not because of the CK! ) 😀 The third was when he was holding a little child in his hand, that make my heart warm. I thought how lovely father could be SH!^^ And last, but not least when he was shouting and imitating as BL! 😀 Although, at this scene I was missing HMY flying in the sky kicking the bad Gapdongi! 😀 Perhaps, in the next sequence! As I think this drama finished such a way, that it could be easy to continue! It would be good!
    This brandnew SH (HMY) is very close to my heart and I loved very much his spiky, very short hair, too! It was funny to see him in pyjamas, too, although, I am unable to imagine him to wear such a pyjamas at home as at the hospital, he is not that type! 😀
    In this videoclip above, there are many lovely moments, but the most funnies for me is when SH is winking! First with one eye, I think he has practiced a lot! 😀 And later with two eyes! 😀 This second one made my day! I rewatched it many times and I heard the laughing makes our healthier! So, thank you, SH, that you made me laugh and keep me healthy! 😀
    Hopefully, after a good relax and recharging himself, he would come back to us with a fantastic performance or role again! Do not forgot, we have seen you as a prince of Busan for a short time, but not as King of Korea at the moment! So, we are waiting for theat wonderful king! ::D

    • juleecwk says:

      At the start of filming when I first saw SH with his new short crop in NSC’s pic, I couldn’t recognize him at first glance. I suppose his short crop took everyone by surprise but we quickly got used to it and it grew on us. That one eye wink is good, but using both eyes was funny. 😀

      When I was doing my dedication MV and going through the pics, it was obvious that MY had a lot of hard feelings which was reflected on his face. But when he met Maria and grew to like her, his face took on a softness which was also evident. Love can do wonders and melt a heart of stone (as mentioned in the lyrics).

      I’m not used to seeing SH in period costume 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    HMY is one of the most wonderful roles in SH dramas .. He has proved his ability to win the race of perfection and uniqueness .. I lived with him each moment of anger , sorrow or love .. I like his sense of humor much and how he gives a lovely atmosphere in the shooting .. Can’t wait for the next drama .. Fighting ❤ ❤

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