7 In The Morning

7 In The Morning ( 아침7시 ) from Sang Hyun’s Youth album  少年
Music & arrangement: Na Seung Chul
Lyrics: Yoon Sang Hyun
MV by Julee
English translated lyrics by Shan
Edited by: Julee
Subbed by: Benzene
English-translated lyrics:
Your petite figure that appears before me
that catches my eyes
With excitement, I want to reach out and let my heart whisper to you
I am not satisfied to imagine myself like this
If I could be brave enough to walk together by your side
Wouldn’t my heart be filled with joy and happiness?
This is the only thought that remains
Walking one step closer to you
Getting closer to you now
Meeting your eyes
Wanting to say “I like you”
That moment at 7 in the morning
Shattered in vain my encounter with her
Not a dream but in reality; can that not come true?
The way you are; the way you are
Yearning for you and wanting so much to see you that it hurts
Wishing you would know
Walking one step closer to you
Getting closer to you now
Kissing your lips
Wanting to say “I love you”
That moment at 7 in the morning
Gazing at you
I am going to confess
I have fallen for you from the first moment I met you
Walking one step closer to you
Getting closer to you now
Kissing your lips
Wanting to say “I love you”
That moment at 7 in the morning
I am trying to be brave
To look at her now
To embrace her
Wanting to say “I love you”
When you awaken you’re beside me
Walking one step closer to you
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5 Responses to 7 In The Morning

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    First I’d like to thank you girls, that you have helped us to understand the lyrics translating it into english! Translating lyrics is not so easy, as you have to give back the original thought and feelings of the composer or poet! And the korean language is very hard!!! Thank you!^^
    The song is wonderful! The music as always in case of SC is really nice and special with very interesting sounds. We can say this is really catchy tune! SH’s lyrics speaks for itself! I think we don’t have to add anything to it! I was sure he is in love with someone for a long time! It’s pity that the woman is not me, at least according to the text! 😦 But such is life! And he doesn’t know me at the moment… 😀 I’m just kidding! But lucky is that woman whose lover could give her such a timeliss love confession! I am jealous!!! And I think that woman thinks the same and surely, SH is her first thougth when she wakes up at 7 in the morning!^^
    Otherwise, SH’S and SC’s sound locations suit to each other very well and they could sing together wonderfully!^^ That’s why I would like to hear much more songs from them in the future! Fighting, Boys!^^

    • juleecwk says:

      This song is about a man trying to find the courage to express his love for the lady. Since the lyrics are from SH, I wonder if he is writing from experience …… who is that love of his life?

      From NSC’s FB updates, it seems he had a performance with some members in Japan recently. It would be nice to listen to his music if there is a chance.

  2. Mimi says:

    U r so lovely Suzy just like our beautiful guy 😀 .. I think that SH has lived a love story to produce such wonderful lyrics 😉 .. The song is amazing .. The lyrics , the voice and the tune .. I like to see SH and SC together …. Great thanks to our great friends for translation ( Shan, Julee and Benzene ) fighting evertyone ❤ ❤

  3. What album is this on???

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