Seoul International Drama Awards 2014 (2)

SDA popularity
Today is the final day of voting for the Seoul International Drama Awards 2014 and it looks like the current top spot of People’s Choice Actor goes to Kim Soo Hyun with 19.1%.  The awards ceremony will be held at the main hall of the National Theatre on 4th September 2014 and telecast live on SBS.  Live coverage will also be delivered by Nate’s Facebook page @
I was really glad when Sang Hyun’s position rose to no 8 in the middle of last week and had hoped that we could keep him within the top 10.  Unfortunately his position began to slide and each time I checked the site to vote, my heart would drop too to see that it had moved further down.  Voting should close at midnight tonight (KST).
030814 (2)
Voting has closed with Sang Hyun’s final position @ 25 …… but for me, he’ll always be no 1.

To everyone who had voted and had continued voting everyday, thanks so much for your support.
We did our best.

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4 Responses to Seoul International Drama Awards 2014 (2)

  1. Mimi says:

    We have done our best .. I’m sure SH knows how much we love him .. He has won our love and support forever .. He’s a hardworking artist , that’s why he managed to win my respect and appreciation .. HMY is one of his wonderful roles ever that deserves the best award .. SH , u r the best forever ❤ ❤

    • juleecwk says:

      Yes Mimi, we all did our best and thank you too.
      SH is a wonderful actor, but the competition is tough.
      Hope he will receive more good roles and I’m looking forward to his next drama.

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      I think we really did our best, but it was not enough! Although, I have to admit that it’s fantastic, that SH was nominated here as the Gapdong was finished not long ago! So, I know HMY’s role was a really good choice as many people liked it and SH despite this drama was broadcasted in a paying channel. I think many people will watch Gapdong and will love SH’s acting. And this role really increased his popularity!
      Perhaps, these young boys, who are at the first places, are really good actors and their popularities are much higher among the younger girls, but it could change soon! Some similar good roles and SH will be much popular among the youngest people, too! As we have to admit that the youth uses the internet the most, not the middle aged people! Hopefully, his next role will be very cool and next time he will be among the first 10. By the way, some of them will be enlisted next year, so, they will appear for 2 years from the world of the films and dramas. 😀 I feel so bad now, although I like them, but SH is the first!!! Once you have already received from me the best actor’s award and it is forever!^^

      • juleecwk says:

        I think it’s a slight disadvantage that Gapdong was under cable TV so the audience was limited. If it had been under the public channels, it would have reached a wider audience. As you mentioned Zsuz, it would depend on how net savvy the voters are. So it is a disadvantage for candidates whose supporters don’t go online or those who might have difficulty understanding how it works.

        My personal opinion ….. there are a number of good actors among the candidates but the results do not reflect that. I have watched one of the dramas and though the actor’s performance wasn’t outstanding, he seems to be very popular. It might be People’s Choice but unfortunately they are not the best actors.

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