Main CF Model For Zoo Coffee China

Update in today’s media regarding Sang Hyun’s appointment as the main CF model for Zoo Coffee China.  According to his agency, there had been good response from the local media and fans towards the drama Gapdongi with a record 24.4 million online downloads in China over the past month.  Wow, that’s certainly a huge number and it looks like its popularity is soaring. 
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6 Responses to Main CF Model For Zoo Coffee China

  1. Suzanna says:

    Send my congratulations to Sang Hyun on his continued success. He deserves accolades for Gapdong. That was an extremely emotionally hard, draining role he had to play … Watching his interviews, even though acting was initially via necessity, God, the universe, destiny, fate knew what they were doing when they placed this career in his life’s path. He brings pleasure to so many and yet stays grounded in the process. I hope to see him in many more shows.

    • juleecwk says:

      Agree with you Suzanna that SH being an actor is a blessing to all of us who enjoy watching his performance. He’s wonderful as an actor or singer. Though he may not really be interested in acting at the beginning, he finally discovered his true calling and excelled when he put his heart into it. We too look forward to many more good dramas from him.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    This shows that the chinese fans have a very good taste! 😀 Gapdong was a really good role for Sang-Hyeon and I really don’t know why he was waiting for such a long time to play such a serious and hard role as HMY! I was always sure that he would act very well in a serious role, but I think he had not enough confidence. But now as he did the first step on the route to the dramatic acting, he gained a lot of experience and many confidence! The love and good acceptance of the drama by the viewers gave him an evidence of his talent in such a role! So, hopefully, he would try to act as a comedian and a dramatic actor in the future, as well! I hope his next role will give him bigger self-empowerment and more popularity as he deserves it!

    • juleecwk says:

      It’s good that SH was offered this role in Gapdongi and hopefully, this will open up more of such serious roles for him in future. Hope we will not need to wait too long for his next drama.

      • Suzanna says:

        If it works in Asia the way it does in the states, screenwriters often have a particular actor in mind when they write script. I was curious about all the fan meetings because we don’t have that in the U.S. and was told this is to boost popularity of Asian actors for upcoming TV and movies. (???) Hopefully all the grueling travel and promotional events SH is doing will put him at the forefront for upcoming roles. Until recently, I had no idea of the low salary range and unbelievable effort South Korean actors had to go through to survive in the entertainment industry.

      • juleecwk says:

        It’s nice to be able to meet your fav artistes up close so having fan meets are great. I think it also helps to bring the artistes closer to their fans. I’m not sure how much the Asian actors are paid for their roles though 🙂

        What I do know is their very tiring filming schedules in dramas which can go on late into the nights continuously. Often they need to rush to complete the episodes which were to be aired soon. Sometimes the drama gets extended in the midst of filming.

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