Remembering Oska (Episode 13)

Was re-watching Secret Garden episode 13 on our local Channel U last Sunday.
Some shots of Oska off the screen using my mobile, and dance rehearsal from media pics.
Baek Ji Young who made a cameo appearance in this rehearsal scene laughs at Oska’s stiff dancing.

ep 13b sg ep 13-10a
sg ep 13

sg ep 13-1

sg ep 13-2

sg ep 13-4

sg ep 13-8
At the LOEL VVIP party …… how handsome he is.
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3 Responses to Remembering Oska (Episode 13)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I loved SH or Oska with that ponytail. And I think he was dancing very lovely way! 😀 He was really sexy, but I think the harmony was missing between him and the girl during the dance! 😀 I loved the role of Oska very much and I can imagine that SH is a little bit Oska inside him in reality! 😀

  2. Minerva says:

    What is the name of the song they are dancing with in this scene?

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