Messages On Weibo (2)

weibo 2a

7th August 2014
한국은 벌써 입추네요. 가을의 문턱까지 왔다고 하지만 여전히 더운 날씨 .. 중국 팬 여러분들, 화이팅입니다 ^^
It’s already the first day of fall in South Korea.
Coming to the threshold of Autumn but the weather is still hot ….. Chinese fans, fighting  ^ ^

31st July 2014
광고촬영 무사히 마쳤어요~ 즐겁고 유쾌하게 촬영했습니다^^ 어떻게 나올지 기대되네요!! 하핫
Shooting of the ads have finished safely ~ The shooting had been pleasant and fun ^ ^
Looking forward to how it will turn out !!  Hahat (not sure if it’s haha or hot)
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