Autograph Signing Event In Shanghai (2)

 zc shanghai
More details of the autograph signing event scheduled in Shanghai but method of participation
seems a bit vague.
Date:     30th August 2014
Time:    16:00
Venue:  Zoo Coffee Store, Block D 1st Floor
               BenQ Plaza, No 207 Songhong Road,
               Changning, Shanghai
BenQ Plaza
5 mins walk from Songhong Road Station (Line 2)

BenQ plaza

Update on method of getting a participation ticket:
It would be nice if method of participation just meant getting that cup of Zoo Coffee but it seems not.
I’m not sure if it might be a problem for non-Chinese fans to follow but here goes:
1) For those who are not currently with Weibo, register @
2) Follow/like zoo-coffee中国 @
and comment on it’s post with hastag #尹相铉上海粉丝签名会#
3) Share the posts with @zoo-coffee中国 and @ 5 of your friends
4) Take a screenshot as proof and send it by private message to zoo-coffee中国
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4 Responses to Autograph Signing Event In Shanghai (2)

  1. shandy says:

    I will not be there
    I wish I could be there…….
    gazing into his eyes
    trying to search for the depth…..
    Imagination is always the greatest thing of
    enjoying the pleasure of his smile, gaze, sound
    of his voice, everything……..
    It must be feeling very good
    seeing him appearing in the front
    It must be a very joyous time for having a nice chat with him
    It must be amazing too for shaking hand with him
    feeling the warmth transmitting to the palm of mine…….
    It must be awesome hearing the tones of his contagious laughter
    that really make our days
    It must be fun too seeing his cheeks flushed red when he is
    questioned something funny…….
    Wowwww… it must be great great fun ! Lastly of him appearing
    with his genuineness, the purest heart of him……
    I will not be there, my heart has flown over there already one step
    before him ……

    • juleecwk says:

      Dear Shandy, I hope you will get a chance to meet Sang Hyun some day, hear his voice and see that smile. Not just as an image but face to face. We may not be able to meet him every time but even if just once for a dream come true ….

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, I would also like to see my name: to Zsuzsanna with love! on a paper signed by SH. But when?? I don’t know, but I am sure once I could get it from him! Otherwise, the chinese and japanese fans are always lucky!

    • juleecwk says:

      Well Zsuz, you can make it happen 🙂 I’m sure SH will have more such events in future, so hope you can finally get your ‘To Zsuzsanna with love’ from SH, including his heart logo.

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