Remembering Oska (Episode 14)

Re-watching Secret Garden episode 14 on our local channel U this weekend.  Though I had captured some of these scenes on my mobile, I decided to look through the previous clip I’ve saved for better images.
A dashing Oska at the LOEL VVIP party




A favorite scene which still moves me to tears ……  Oska’s self-reflection of how his previous conduct had hurt those around him.  He would rather cancel his Christmas concert than pay that lady off to withdraw her false claim that he had asked her to plagiarize Tae Sun’s composition.
Sitting all alone with a heavy heart when Yoon Seul turns up to cheer him up with a Christmas cake. 
Just what he needed at this moment.
The speech he made as if to his fans at the concert that did not happen, thanking them for coming ….. it brought a lump to my throat.  And when he started to sing ‘Here I Am’, it made me teared up. 






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