Always Young At Heart

nsc fb
I’ve reversed this photo as Sang Hyun’s selfies are usually saved in reversed mode.
nsc fb2
Latest update by Seung Chul in his Facebook …… Sang Hyun having fun with his favorite toy and hiking.
The guy who’s crazy about the mountains and RC heli ~~
We should go fishing but there’s really no time ~ ~ ㅠㅠ
This guy never grows old hehehe
Thanks Seung Chul, you’re a good friend.
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One Response to Always Young At Heart

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    These are really lovely photos! I like when SH enjoys his activities! If he does anything, he does it with full empathy! This is one of properties that I like very much! On the first photo the view is really beautiful, once I would like to see this wonderful view with my own eyes! As I see he really likes to play with his RC helicopter, like a child. I have to admit that is very exciting activity! It’s pity that SC is not on the photo as he always makes selfies with SH together!?

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