With Marie Claire 2009

It’s always a pleasure to look at Sang Hyun’s photos, whether in selfies, CFs or photoshoots.  He’s so photogenic and such a natural in front of the camera. There are those which simply brighten up my days and make me smile. There are many which takes my breath away and some which gives a feeling I can’t quite describe ……. there’s just something about them that tugs at the heart.
Even with a simple background, these pics are beautiful.
From a photoshoot with Marie Claire 2009.
Pic source https://www.facebook.com/withsanghyun

MC 1

MC 2

MC 3
Mersmerizing …..
MC 4
Sizzling …..
MC 5
This is my favorite …. even if he’s simply standing there, I could look at him all day.
MC 6
Teasing …..
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One Response to With Marie Claire 2009

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think these photos were the first ones which were different from the photos from those were shot before! The lovely smiles or the pervasive look are very good moments catched by the photographer! Cool! The fourth photo is so different from the image that I would think about SH, but I like it very much! Although, my favorite is the 5th one! His trousers are beautiful from a very fine material! He looks very well here, although, that he is barefoot is a little bit strange. 😀

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