2014 Birthday Fan Meeting In Seoul

mgb 190814
Good news for San Club members who will be able to participate in Sang Hyun’s birthday fan meeting next month. Looks like it will be an organized tour which should be similar to previous ones.  
2014 Yoon Sang Hyun Birthday Fan Meeting
Date: 21st September 2014 (Sunday)
3 days 2 night tour dates:  20th – 22nd September 2014
Venue: Seoul (location to be determined)

I heard that non-members too can participate but since the tour starts in Japan,
it isn’t much of an option for other fans who are not from Japan. 
Dear MGB Korea/Japan, would it be so difficult to have an open birthday event that everyone can participate in …… regardless of where they may be coming from?  It looks like this has become the norm every year that Sang Hyun’s birthday celebration is outsourced as part of a tour.  Sigh …….
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One Response to 2014 Birthday Fan Meeting In Seoul

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    Sorry to say, but I don’t like this hairstyle. When I see, some announcers come to my mind from the chinese CCTV4. Although, his eyes are also smiling, but please, not this hairstyle! 😀 Japanese fans are always lucky as they are very close to Korea and they just fly to Seoul if they want to see SH! Unfortunately, there’s cca. 14.000 kms between us geographically, but he is closer to me as to many koreans, who are living in the same house as SH as he is in my heart! 😀 Nobody can be closer to someone than this! 😀 Hopefully, the Yoony angels are also in his heart! 😀

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