Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice bucket challenge 2
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to promote awareness of the motor neuron disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and to raise donations for its research has gone viral and has been spreading very quickly.  The challenge is to be filmed being drenched with a bucket of icy water and then pass on the challenge to 3 other nominees who have 24 hours to comply or else make a charitable financial donation.
We had actually been hoping that someone would issue the challenge to Sang Hyun.  Thanks to Kim Min Jung who had her icy drenching today and her nomination of both PD Jo Su Won and Sang Hyun, we hope to see Sang Hyun with his ice bucket soon. 
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5 Responses to Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. shandy says:

    Fun is really funny enough to have icy water pours over the
    head of the challenger and have that kinda chilliness
    penetrates rite into the bones and nerves giving rise to a thrilling
    sense of shivering………

    But why have we to make use of natural resources to compliment
    a gimmick intended to pull public eyeballs….. There are
    innumerable people need it so badly while on the other side of the
    world there is more than enough to be misused…….

    I strongly believe there can be other various ways to grab people’s
    attention on the issue of ALS without wasting any drops of water,
    be it for potable purposes or other usages. Besides ALS crippling
    a patient’s health, how about an urgent need to heighten our
    awareness of the current Ebola virus disease that has alerted us
    enough of its death toll still on rise at a breakneck speed, a
    catastrophic issue needs more attention than ever before, and the
    disease still seems to be in the rein. Any effort of putting it to a halt is
    absolutely a must for fear of its further rampant spreading and bigger
    population of human lives could be hit by the calamity……

    I do support Yoon’s decision in doing something wonders for the
    needy, if donation raised from fun is genuinely geared into funding
    ALS patients, why not ?
    Juz hope that Sang Hyun oppa go ahead with his donation, while
    forget about the bucket of ice, have it saves for those who really
    really need it, and the drought-hit areas !

    • juleecwk says:

      I think how widespread this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become was probably unexpected. It’s original intention is simply to raise awareness of the disease and to attract donations. Perhaps having people undergo the brief discomfort of an icy drenching is to let them experience a fraction of the pain of what the disease does to those afflicted with it. It is too easy to just donate but when one has to ‘suffer some pain, the message becomes that much stronger.

      But from the looks of it, the way this challenge is going viral with almost everyone getting into it ….. I suppose it gives the opportunity for those who take part to show their empathy as well as to relish passing on the ‘torture’ to others. Probably it also lets everyone get a bit of fun in the process.

      I think it does not matter that some might not accept the challenge but just give a donation anyway. It’s not really compulsory as the purpose has been achieved just the same. It’s fine if Sang Hyun forgoes the challenge, it’s just that everyone is hoping that he will do it simply because we want to see him get drenched 😀

      You are right Shandy that besides ALS, there’s this fast spreading Ebola which is a major concern right now. Hope they will succeed in coming up with an effective vaccine soon.

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    Well, I am involved in this theme as my stepsister’s daughter has died in this disease some years ago. Nobody knows how and who can catch it, perhaps it is related to the enzymes, and noone cures it and tell how quick the process of degradation will be! She passed away in 4 years from the first symptoms. It started only a pain in her ankle and four years later she has completely paralyzed and her lungs give up the fighting. And the worst that her mind was completely normal, she could think, she was clever, but she was unable to move, sit eat or speak! She was like a princess in a closed tower! It was terrible and mainly if we knew that she was a full of life girl!
    Sometimes I think many people just do it as a joke, but who found out to do so, was an idea, how to show what this illness can cause. When you pour that ice cold water onto yourself you would feel what a people feel who lives with ALS. At that moment your heart and your lungs stops for a moment as you are unable to have breath! So, I understand their initiations. If we see that many people thinks it is a good joke, or they want to promote themselfes, and they waste many water while others in Africa would need it! But just think about that how many people knew about ALS before and how many now? And how much money they could get from people as donation before and how many now! So, I think it is a good thing, despite its bad sides! And I admire the people who accept this challenge as that one moment is terrible! But I think the most important thing in this is the donation and that is very good and they spread the knowledge about this disease! Perhaps, an infectious disease is much more visible, but that could be stopped the changing of the hygienic conditions, but this is not and nobody knows who will be the next!
    This ice bucket challanged is dangerous for those people who have heart diseases or breathing problems. The american actor Sir Patrick Stewart was very lovely as his ice bucket challenge was the following. I loved it very much! He donated first!!!

    So, thank to everyone who helps the researches! And we can also donate to those who have no enough water or food or to those whom the nowadays very frequent disasters cause very big problems and destroyed their whole lives’ work!

    • juleecwk says:

      Thanks for sharing more about ALS with us Zsuz. Sorry to hear that someone related to you had suffered from it too. It’s true that before this Ice Bucket Challenge, I have not heard much about ALS and probably many others haven’t too. And because of the huge publicity this has generated, this IB challenge has succeeded in its aim. It seems now there is another bucket spin-off in India where the bucket is filled with rice and necessities for those in need instead of ice water. And that’s great. Whether it’s an icy drenching or passing on a bucket of love, both are being carried out with charity in mind.

      Now that SH has received the IB challenge from 2 others, I hope he will take it up in the spirit of the movement. If it’s too cold, he could use less ice. I think there was one person who used only 1 ice cube?? 😀 And so as not to waste water, he could douse himself just before he takes his shower. It’s more than 24 hours already, but it’s never too late.

      • Zsuzsi says:

        SH has received 3x this request, KMJ, PHS and mayor of Paju! I think SH’s ex-workpartners really wants to see him in a watery-T-shirt! 😀
        Sir Patrick Stewart used only some ice cubes and whisky, so, he saved the water! 😀
        SH is too silent now, but we will see, perhaps, he is waiting for the best moment and perhaps, he is thinking about something special… 😀
        He will be soon back as he has to go to Shanghai! Have a safe trip to him!

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