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weibo 25-08-2014
This photo is inverted here as Sang Hyun’s selfies are usually saved in reverse.
25th August 2014
삼림욕으로 피톤치드 효과 느끼며 에너지 충전 했어요^^
The feeling of being charged with energy from the phytoncide effects of forest bathing ^ ^

Forest bathing or taking a walk through the forest is a well known health practice in Japan.  It is believed that the forest scents have a healing effect as the essential wood oils (phytoncides) emitted by the plants enhances the immume system.  In other words, it’s natural aromatherapy.  As Sang Hyun loves nature, it’s not surprising that he follows in this practice too.
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10 Responses to Message On Weibo (4)

  1. coollcat2 says:

    He looks a little bit tired here. I am sure he is having a good time camping.

    • juleecwk says:

      I think SH is probably having a great time going hiking and playing with his RC toy these days. What strikes me about this pic is his smooth complexion 🙂

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    As I told once my challenge with hugging trees was failed because of Ants. But I especially like to take a walk at the pine trees as there is a fantastic smell of the pinetrees! It reminds me to my childhood when I spent many summer at the feet of the Alps! I loved it so much, closing my eyes I could bring back that feeling and those fragrances! I also like the fragrance of the resin of the tree! If I have soar throat, I always put pine tree honey into my ginger tea!
    Unfortunately, I was unable to recharge this time during my holiday, so, I would prefer to hug SH instead of the trees, perhaps, he would give me some energy! 😀
    His necklace is very interesting and he looks cool on this photo, only that ring…. 😦 His hand is on his heart as he would promise something to someone! What???

    • juleecwk says:

      There was one occasion many years back when I had gone on a group trip to a National Park. To get to the site, we had to take an hour long boat ride along the river. Since it’s a low boat, we were so close to the surface of the river and it’s an amazing feeling during the boat ride as we were able to see some wildlife and giant iguanas along the water’s edge. It’s difficult to describe that feeling of being among nature, but it’s truly wonderful. So I do agree with this practice of immersing oneself among Nature and feel the healing effects. Just forget your worries and stress and feel the energy from the earth, the plants and the water. The only thing which I didn’t like was the leeches.

      I had been wondering about that necklace he’s wearing. Is it a necklace or something else? As for his ring, I’m used to seeing it on his finger. I’m sure it has some significance and I will not be surprised if there should be related news about it 🙂

      • Zsuzsi says:

        Perhaps, the real scandal, not just in the CF! 😀 But going to hike with a girlfriend and with this dog in that small car, well, it won’t be easy! 😀 Now we should stay at the above mentioned theory with the dog. But I really don’t know if she is or he? As I cannot see anything at that place… I think it is she. I always had male dogs. I think there’s less problem with male dogs, unless they haven’t seen any pretty female dog. 😀 But as I was their first love ( 😀 ) they always came back after a while,
        The name is very interesting, I wonder if SH gave it to the dog or not! 😀 And I wonder if this is his registered name or just the calling name. 😀

  3. shandy says:

    When Yoon gets out into nature, he’s gaining on affirmation
    of his true self, feeling grounded amidst the spectacular
    mountains, he’s attained a sense of belonging…. spending
    time in nature is a trove of treasure he gains in return.
    He’d find peacefulness when he closes himself completely
    in the forest, as though he’s a commitment with nature.
    His luv for green is akin to breathing, a manifestation of
    spiritual sustenance. Through unplugging all forms of media
    from him, only could he settle his mind in enjoying the fragrance
    of the unnamed flowers, and the scents expired by the surrounding

    Tranquility a good healer to calm down the inner chaos.
    Being buried deep in the forest, he’d find time is all under him……
    a moment of stillness is worth more than everything else.
    Away from chaotic routine, we’ve always wanted to find a quiet
    place for soul cleansing, experiencing an exotic silence, so Yoon
    has got his peaceful land.

    Forest is a bathing tub to begin him by extricating himself from his
    role in a cast, a breathing ground for him to derive refreshment,
    recharge and realign and ends him with unmeasurable pleasure,
    comfort and satisfaction.

    He’s benefited through absorbing the element of phytoncide
    emanated by the trees surrounding him, a course of baptism takes
    place in the forest, an ecological process is on the run to restore
    the energy of the greenwood.
    Give and take evolve in the universe and they’re the perfect qualities
    help prolong humans’ lifespan.

    I’m not surprised when Yoon’s completed a round of forest bathing,
    he looks fresher, younger, and the most important thing is, he’s
    filled with brimming confidence……

    Sang Hyun oppa, keeps fighting!
    Find the best, fight the best and achieve the best within yourself ! ! !

  4. Peri says:

    Hi, Julee Chan. I have a question .I don’t know , what is this ring.I saw this ring many times YSH marry? He say nothing about this ring. And there are not anything about his girlfriend in Internet. 😢

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Peri, I’m not really sure about his ring either. He had been wearing it for quite a while on his left ring finger so I sort of guessed that it has some significance. I don’t think he’s married and so far, we’ve not heard anything about him being in a relationship.

  5. Peri says:

    thank you a lot! :))maybe,he keeps it secret.i saw a ring trace on his hand in photos which one you shared.

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