New Family Member

27th August 2014
새로운 가족이 된 만석이와 함께^^ 귀엽죠?

With the new family member Man Seok  ^ ^
Cute right?
Sang Hyun’s new pet?
Not sure about the breed but it resembles a black & white border collie or black & white Australian Shepherd.
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5 Responses to New Family Member

  1. sheeprondo says:

    My answer to Sang Hyun’s question is:
    Yes, Man Seok is cute and so are you 🙂
    I like the tee Sang Hyun is wearing.
    I have seen it a few times. The first time was in My Fair Lady when Dong Chan is having fun with Hye Na in the playground near his home.
    The second time was when Sang Hyun was in Japan.
    I guess Sang Hyun is very fond of this tee.

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    Super cute! I like dogs so much and now I am jealous as he has a little puppy and I have no! 😦 Beautiful border collie, mainly his knows is so lovely and how big eyelashes she have! I don’t know if it is a femail or a male dog, but so lovely! Unfortunately, the most important part is hided! 😀 And these dogs are not just nice, but very clever, but they need well-education, many-many trainings and a very hard handed owner or mate, who can prevent the boring! As if he has no task, he/she would find something and it might not loved by the owner. We also had sherpherd dogs and if they were boring, they ruined a lot of things! And I don’t know if SH would have enough time for tranings! I hope he won’t be such an owner like Kim Hyun Joong, who has two wonderful and very clever border collies, but he has no time for them! Although, they like him very much, of course! And if SH has to choose among playing with dog or with RC helicopter… The first is the most important!!! But the dog is always a good choice as a real mate in good or bad times. And its said it is worth to live without dog, but why we should do! I also miss their absence, so I replace them by other’s dogs! Not the same! Congratulation SH-a, it was a good choice and really beautiful! I’m happy that I could get to know one member from your family! But who will be the next? That person who belongs to the ring??? 😀

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