Sang Hyun’s Trip To Shanghai

Sang Hyun has arrived in Shanghai for tomorrow’s autograph signing event at BenQ Mall.  Thanks to those who updated some pics of him at both Gimpo and Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport.  Judging from the time of the updates, he had taken a late afternoon flight, arriving in Shanghai at around 19:00.


gimpo 29-08-2014
Updated @ 15:07  29-08-2014
Sang Hyun at Gimpo Airport playing with a toy dog which belongs to the lady who updated this photo.  She’s probably a staff who is also making the trip to Shanghai with him as she mentions the autograph signing event. 


weibo 29-08-2014
Updated on Sang Hyun’s Weibo @ 18:49  29-08-2014
저 중국 도착했어요^^
I have arrived in China ^ ^
Sang Hyun arriving at Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport.
Updated @ 19:00  29-08-2014
The fan who posted these photos had wanted to record a video but unfortunately had forgotten to press the start switch.  She was upset that she had missed the opportunity.  But someone in her group managed to hand over a bouquet.  Thanks to fans WX水泽木兰, Vanilla and Anna from Baidu YSH Bar for sharing these photos.

shanghai 29-08-2014

shanghai 29-08-2014 (2)

shanghai 28-08-2014 (6)

shanghai 29-08-2014 (7)

shanghai 29-08-2014 (3)

Watch clip (from Mikiko) of Sang Hyun’s arrival at Hongqiao Airport
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3 Responses to Sang Hyun’s Trip To Shanghai

  1. Mimi says:

    I’m really thankful to our helpful ladies who please us with the photos and the videos as if we were there accompanying SH .. Thanks very much dear ladies … SH looks good and always attractive .. I like the photo he’s playing with the dolls dreaming to play with him :D. Welcom to china our idol and I hope u spend a good time their enjoying popularity of ur fan but please remember we love u too from faraway ❤ ❤ thanks dear Julee and fighting ..

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    He is really lovely with the two dogs together! He could really love dogs! Perhaps, he is missing his new family member! 😀 I could understand him! That lady is interesting if takes plush dogs with herself, but I think it was the best for SH spending the time with those! 😀
    SH was dressed like a tourist, perhaps, he wanted to avoid the attention at the airport?! Although, those bodygards were really conspicuous. It’s good that the chinese fans were waiting for him at the airport, he was very happy! 😀 He has received beautiful bouquet! His backpack is very nice! I hope he enjoy his trip to Shanghai! 😀

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