Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ Plaza (2)

More beautiful pics at the autograph signing event in Shanghai. According to a post by one of the staff, there were more than 300 fans and the event lasted about 2 hours.  Even if it might have been brief, it would surely have been a memorable moment for each of them to meet him up close, get his autograph and take a photo together ……. and who could forget that wonderful smile?
ZC 16
ZC 17
ZC 18
ZC 19
Love this pic, such a cute smile
ZC 20
ZC 21
ZC 22
ZC 23
ZC 24
ZC 25
ZC 26
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3 Responses to Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ Plaza (2)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I have seen some photos shared by the fans and I think SH was really lovely to fans! There were many very “close” photo with SH! o.O I am really jealous! And he was really funny and perhaps, it was very tiring for him! But as I see he really loved it! 😀
    He has really lovely smile!^^

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Zsuz, I saw those selfies with fans too. I think such memorable moments with SH made it very special for them. I hope there will be more such moments which other fans can share with him in future events, with not just an autograph but being able to take a selfie with him.

  2. shandy says:

    I’m so impressed by Yoon’s dashing outfits, elegant demeanor
    and his decorum in such a way that he interacts with people
    around him as well as the avid and admiring fans.

    The fans initially were much carried away by tons of worries after
    noticing signing activity to be closed off at 5, but they soon got a
    big heave of relief when Yoon insisted on getting the last fan to
    be signed off…… oh, what a nice and thoughtful man he is though
    he’s already tired to the bone !

    I’d say the said activity got to be crowned with success mainly
    goes to the perfect collaboration, the coherent understanding that
    connected all parts makes this event a smooth running and
    memorable one. The different parts come to be:

    1 ) the host unit of Zoo Coffee
    2 ) the organization of fans
    3 ) the fervid and supportive fans

    I’m so glad at seeing communication flow streaming through all
    units with no rigid rules to be adhered to though sometimes
    unwanted outbreak of emotional compassion would occur in some
    other idol activities. Thanks to the exuberant passionate but yet
    cool enough lovely fans here.

    One thing has to be taken note about the two husky and stalwart
    bodyguards looked more like bouncers generating an uneasy
    feeling at the first glance, but the step back of the fans soon picked
    up its tune and being put forth to have even a closer contact with
    our fav man after a knowledge soon learned by the host staff of the
    fans posing no offence at all that went beyond the limits, the good
    feelings then engendered the hall with friendliness and warmth,
    and the burly on-full-alert chaps began to let down their guards.

    Yoon’s sunshiny smile warmed up the hearts of all those present,
    his irresistible charm had melted the hearts of many who were
    overwhelmed by their seething excitement as well.
    I’m most touched by a fan after getting Yoon’s autograph recounted
    to have done nothing but juz resigned to stay back there watching
    quietly our fav man busy on offering the fans his most favorable
    autograph would be wrapped with a spark of warmth too.

    When this man said : ” Ni hao ma ? Ni ai wo ma ? ” , in English
    means ” How are you ? Do you luv me ? ” Oh, God, he’s soooo
    lovely, how are we gonna do with this lovable and playful man !

    The kinda warmth he exuded from his smile and the palm of his
    hand penetrating the atmosphere and flowing rite into the core of
    the hearts with his charms would keep lingering on, and no one
    else would want to let go of this kinda warm feelings……

    The enchanting warmth that Yoon has brought upon this event
    goes in line with the imagery slogan of Zoo Coffee : ” The warm-
    hearted man is juz like the aromatic brew of coffee .”
    Before I pen down , the admiring fans are still haunted with our
    fav man’s amazingly and awesomely warming spell……

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