Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ Plaza (Interview)


In an interview during the autograph signing event in Shanghai, Sang Hyun says he has an interest in Chinese period dramas and should he get a chance to act in one, he would like to take on the role of Justice Bao.  The Chinese actress he would like to work with is Gong Li.
We have yet to see Sang Hyun in a Korean period drama though we can imagine how he would look like as a king from the Busan Milk CF.  Can we imagine him as Justice Bao, the legendary official in China’s Song Dynasty and the Chinese symbol of justice? Though I’m not very familiar with Justice Bao, I can remember him as the fierce black face judge. It seems his black face and crescent shape scar on his forehead is used as a symbol of impartially and uprightness of a Chinese official.
I couldn’t help smiling at his attempt with a greeting in Chinese in the first clip “How are you, do you love me?” which carried his Korean accent.
gongli justice bao
Chinese actress Gong Li in ‘Curse of the Golden Flower’ (2006) and Chinese actor Jin Chaoqun in Justice Bao (2008)
busan milk
King Sang Hyun
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6 Responses to Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ Plaza (Interview)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    I love the curly hair style in the cf.
    Sang Hyun looks a little tired but is adorable as always.
    I believe more publicity work could have been done as there should be a lot more than 300 fans waiting for him, longing to meet him in every corner of the world.
    China is a giant market. Hope to see Sang Hyun soon.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    When I saw Yi San korean drama, only the princess wore this blue-silver suit, but when he became a king, he wore red-golden one! So, I thought that SH was a Busan princess only. That’s why I was waiting for a king role, but as I see I have to wait longer! 😀 SH “played” an official role when he was at the tax office last year? It was a “role”, but he loved to serve the citizens there, even if only for one day! 😀 So,why he couldn’t be a chinese official, too! It’s an interesting idea from him, but he is good, so, he can play any role! I’m waiting…
    I just wonder why he wants to act in China? Of course, there are much more people than in Korea or Japan and a successful role could increase his popularity, too! And he could sing in China, too. I see many times korean singers, mainly boygroups singing in the chinese TV. We have 100 channels at home on many languages, but only one chinese, CCTV4. But I watch the musical shows many times! Once I saw Jacky Chan to sing on it! He wasn’t bad! I wonder how SH’s lovely face will be modified for such an ugly one as Justice Bao (in the film above) was. I can understand why he wants to play with Gong Li as she is beautiful, although as I red, Bao had two wives, who could be the second one… 😀 CJW was also acting in China, so, I wonder if her impact is on SH that he wants to act in China!?

    • juleecwk says:

      I think it’s a natural progression for most artistes to venture out and many others are doing so. Not only CJW but even his Sonsoo brother SSH is acting in China. It would be good for SH to try too as China is huge. I’m surprised that he is interested in such a role as Justice Bao but we know SH can transform himself very well. But he will need to learn Chinese and it would not be easy 😀 I usually don’t like watching shows which are dubbed.

      Yes, SH should be Prince Hyun in the Busan milk CF as the king wears yellow and not blue 🙂

  3. shandy says:

    Hi Julee, I’m much amused with the great historical figure
    of ” Bao Qing Tian” you have put on this page. I like this
    character and had watched a lot of Justice Bao series. I’m
    so surprised that Yoon’s got the same interest in this reverend
    character as well.

    I dunno whether Yoon is serious or not, but if he’s really up to
    what he meant, I do really expect to see him appearing in a
    historical drama with a great role to play, say like a role of
    emperor as he confessed in his interview some time ago with
    great wit, authority and leadership. ^ ^

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Shandy, I was surprised that SH mentioned Justice Bao as that was unexpected. Think he also mentioned an interest in martial arts films? Between the 2, I think I’d prefer to see him in the latter 😀 Have yet to get used to him wearing that kind of historical costume and head wear in the Busan milk CF 🙂 Perhaps SH should try a role in a Korean sageuk first.

      • shandy says:

        Your suggestion is appealing enough, but if Yoon does
        appear in a martial art role, I’d definitely have my thumb
        up, I’d like watching him displaying his agile and active
        movement in the scene of fighting, but he must be offered
        the first lead as a prerequisite for the role.

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