Return To Seoul

I had expected that Sang Hyun would be staying on in Shanghai for a couple of days to visit the place but he has already flown back to Seoul on 31st August.  Thanks again to some of the fans who shared their photos of him at the airport.

shanghai 1

shanghai 2

shanghai 3

shanghai 4

shanghai 5

shanghai 6

shanghai 7


Shanghai 8 Shanghai 9 Shanghai 10


Shanghai 11 Shanghai 12 Shanghai 13 Shanghai 14


Shanghai 15


gimpo 31-08-2014
Sang Hun arriving at Gimpo

Welcome home ……

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4 Responses to Return To Seoul

  1. shandy says:

    Yoon’s both hands are so busy with bags and gifts, I wish I
    could spare him a hand and release him a bit ^ ^

    Oh yeah, this warm-hearted, charming and lovely man is bringing
    home a bucket of fans’ love as well as the two lovely soft toys, a
    cute panda and an Astro Boy.
    The fans who bought these for our lovely and adorable man must
    have good knowledge of his inner childlike instinct —— exteriorly
    serious as a man, interiorly playful as a boy, hahaha !

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    The 5th and the 6th photos are my favorites. When they look deeply into each others eyes with that panda… This is love for the first sight, even if he gave a slap to the bigger panda before! 😀 I like his panda so much I want it!!!! 😀 And his backpack is beautiful! I am curious what he had told about the panda to the girl? who was close to him! For who is the panda? By the way the T-shirts, his and his assistent’s are very good!

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