Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ (4)
Report article on the autograph signing event at BenQ.


It’s a pleasant surprise to see that many of the fans are from the younger age group.
Lovely souvenirs for everyone, thanks to Baidu.









What a heart-warming feeling to see Sang Hyun holding the little boy’s hand and the lovely smiles
on their faces.  A fitting image which sums up the warmth and love from this event.
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3 Responses to Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ (4)

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    I love the idea of the Zoo coffee. I think it could be very popular in Hungary among the families, who have children. Although, I have to tell I, who is not a child anymore for a long time, could enjoy having a cup of cappucino or a fine cake among plush animals! Those are so lovely!!! The giraffe in front of the Coffee is very funny! If I could get there I would surely try to go to Zoo coffee at least for taking a snapshot during I drink a coffee! Great! Those bags are really lovely and the fans are very nice, thank you to Baidu. And of course the photos and signature of SH are invaluable! 😀
    As I see this little child think the same as he is so happy hand in hand with SH!
    My favorite photo is the 8th, where SH shows the sign of Victory! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Previously when SH was the model for Zoo Coffee Korea, I had visited the ZC outlet in Apjugeong which had a huge banner with SH’s pic on its facade. And there was also a SH standee at the entrance to the shop where one could take a pic with. We were joking that we would smuggle the SH standee home. ZC’s concept of using zoo animals toys is nice, not just for kids but for toy loving adults. I like that last pic of SH with the little boy 🙂

  2. shandy says:

    Yoon’s positive image suffuses the event with positive energy.
    A healthy image holds a lot of its strength in supporting a
    commodity to sustain a firm footing in the market.
    Warm and sunny smile always come before any salient feature,
    it’s the selling point of Zoo Coffee that is so attractive and
    desirable for anyone who comes to know it would wanna have
    a taste of it……. so am I !

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