Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ Plaza (3)
More lovely photos of Sang Hyun at the autograph signing event from the media report.

ZC 1

ZC 2

ZC 3
A smile that always brightens up my day ……

ZC 5

ZC 6

ZC 7

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9 Responses to Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ Plaza (3)

  1. Peri says:

    look at the third picture.there is ring trace on his finger.i think he uses ring for a long time…..

  2. shandy says:

    He’s being trailed, no where he could hide his gal and place
    her under the shade, hahaha……

  3. Zsuzsi says:

    I wonder who is the first person in blue jeans as he was present at the departure of SH at Incheon Airport, Seoul. Is he dealing with the CF shooting? Or who? I know the other is a CEO of Chinese Zoo Coffee. He is not a too direct person as I see, although he seems to be simpathetic.
    Can you see Julee? Everyone can realize it if takes a look at the pictures for a little bit longer! :D.

    • coollcat2 says:

      I can tell the person in blue jeans is Korean. Not sure who he is. I never realize you are so observing.

    • juleecwk says:

      I didn’t notice that man at Incheon Airport. Was it from the clips?
      Perhaps he’s from Zoo Coffee too?

      • Zsuzsi says:

        When SH was waiting for departure at the airport,Incheon and was playing with the plush dogs, this man was sitting opposite to him. He cannot be seen on that photo, only his shoes, but he has such extravagant shoes that I could note it and when I saw on this photo, I realized that he can be the same person.
        Dear Coollcat2, my Mom always says I could observ everything even that which is not important! 😀

      • juleecwk says:

        You’re right about those shoes which appeared in that pic. This man could be someone from Zoo Coffee Korea since this a related event. When SH goes overseas for events, we often see him with his manager and that assistant with specs.

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