GSGM Interview (1) 2014 FW

The latest GSGM CF for fall-winter.

gsgm 1a

gsgm 2a

gsgm 3a

gsgm 4a

gsgm 5a

gsgm 6

gsgm 7a

gsgm 8

gsgm 9a

gsgm 10

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4 Responses to GSGM Interview (1) 2014 FW

  1. shandy says:

    Playfulness is a core of living with significance..
    It inspires curiosity and inspiration, and it makes life
    easier as it binds people from different aspects of life
    together in a melting pot.
    The man with playful personality always enriches his
    own sense of humor, they devote the greatest part to
    make this world even more beautiful, more loving, caring
    , more compassionate, and less hostile….

    So, this man, Yoon Sang Hyun always reminds me, play
    hard while you can if you wanna make your work an
    interesting and intriguing one !!!!!!!! ^_^

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    Yes, SH is always playful and is joking! 😀 I like th GSGM photos as those are full of life and radiate lovely and funny feeling. I think SH is very good together with that girl, who is really nice and her hair is fantastic. She has also a special eradiation, just like SH!
    On the 5th photo he looks very playful and so lovely, the bad little childish look catches my heart! 😀 Although, my favorite ones are: 1./ SH with the car and 2./ the 6th: when SH is hugging the girl, there they are just like lovers!^^ I could imagine they as a couple, they looks well together!
    By the way, I have to admit that the products of GSGM are very trendy and youthful. I would accept any of them! I have to admit when SH is wearing black leather jacket that makes me feel good! I think the black leather jacket is my ‘weakness”! 😀

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