Zoo Coffee CF

Lovely photos of the latest Zoo Coffee CF shot in Shanghai.
From We Chat which also had a detailed report with more photos of the event …..

ZC 4a

ZC 3a

ZC CF 1a

ZC CF 2a

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2 Responses to Zoo Coffee CF

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    The first two photos are very good with that wonderful background! SH looks very well, and my favorite where he seems to be a real daydreamer! 😀 I mean the second one! 😀 The first jacket is beautiful and suits him very well!

  2. shandy says:

    I would admire if not the less the artistic atmosphere,
    Zoo Coffee knows very well the way of agglomerating
    the image of its brand . The artistic effect echoes the
    imagery environment, it’s striking home !

    Jeans are always my first choice, it’s all-time favorite
    transcending time and space, particularly alluring when
    our fav man is in this my favorite style and color of denim
    jeans, the way I luv how he’s wearing with white trousers
    as well.

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