Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ (5)

Fancam of Sang Hyun taking a group photo with the Zoo Coffee staff after the autograph signing event.
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4 Responses to Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ (5)

  1. shandy says:

    Yoon made a move to change his clothes to the new tee
    dedicatedly purchased by YSH Tieba, the largest Chinese
    fans group in China.
    His action shows his caring, it’s very much appreciated and

    He would much feel the kinda luv and daunting support that
    his fans have harnessed for him, every now and then.
    His sunny, warm and lovely smile has created an adorable,
    amiable, approachable as well as respectable and well-loved
    image in the eyes of many of his devoted fans.

    Wish our luv and support keep flowing and warming his heart,
    and transforming it into another form of tool to gear him up for
    tomorrow a more scintillating performance and a top notch
    level further…….^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      Oh, is that nice tee a gift from Baidu? That’s so nice, and good of SH to wear it there.
      It must have made the fans feel so happy. And really commendable of Baidu to sponsor the gifts for all the fans. That’s great support for SH 🙂

    • Zsuzsi says:

      They are really lovely to prepare gifts for fans and that T-shirt was very nice! I love that T-shirt very much, I was always wondering how he has so nice clothes, but if he receives it from fans… He is lucky! I’m curious if I would send him a T-shirt with a wonderful view from Budapest, whether he would wear it at least once???! Although, I don’t no his suit size, but I think as he has gained some kilos recently, he could have L according to the european size. Hopefully, he won’t be angry is he is slimmer! 😀

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