Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ (Clip)

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2 Responses to Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ (Clip)

  1. shandy says:

    Every individual is a unique entity, luv for Yoon combines us
    in a same uniqueness and mood that create a marvelous and
    splendidly sparkling vibes converging all to a point and setting
    off in the same direction to working out a world that spells
    bountiful affection for the same man we adore and luv……

    He’d be reenergized with more strength, more confidence, more
    luv, more vigor…..
    How is our luv conveyed to him ?
    We want him to really feel it for him and which is extended and
    overflowing with care and blessing and faith and thankfulness…

    Everything was prepared and done wholeheartedly by cudgeling
    brains, racing against time, every stride taken must be in tandem
    with the host unit without further ado as God gave no mercy on
    the deadline…..while every part involved in rooting had gone throu
    the nuanced details of preparation. So the lovely ladies, Tinyfrog,
    Qiao Qiao and Fei Fei who was in charge of collecting fund
    worked with might and main ultimately got to be relieved with a
    big sigh of ” WELL DONE ” job ! ! !
    Feeling deeply moved, I’ll give them a big big hand !
    And will never forget the power of luv gives so much strength to
    all of us to fulfill our same dream !

    The gifts given away to the fans who luv Sang Hyun oppa
    received luv from Tieba sending luv on behalf of our fav man
    with bless and satisfaction, hopefully luv to this charming and
    adorable man could be extended farther and wider….. ^_^

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    They are always lovely and I see on FB and weibo, too, that they love SH very much and always support him! They are really fantastic fans! Unfortunately from Hungary I am unable to support so much SH as I would like to do, that’s why I like to thank that you do it instead of me, too! 😀

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