Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ (Media Interview)


Media interview during the autograph signing event at the BenQ Mall in Shanghai on 30th August 2014.
English translation: Shan
Edited by Julee
Q1: How does it feel to have your first autograph-signing event in Shanghai?
Ans: The night view of Shanghai is very beautiful. To be able to meet the Chinese fans in this beautiful and romantic city, I feel excited and happy at the same time.
Q2: On Yoon Sang Hyun’s visit to Shanghai, which is the place you would most like to visit and the food you would like to eat most.
Ans: I feel Shanghai is a city where the past, present and future co-exist. I particularly want to take a look at the night view of Pudong from the Bund. I would also like very much to take a walk along the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. As I’ve also heard about Shanghai’s rich culinary cuisine, I would like very much to try the Shanghai steamed dumplings.
Q3: What does Yoon Sang Hyun think is your biggest charm?
Ans: I think my biggest charm is my cheerful personality, and smiling often to convey to everyone the pleasure of positive energy.
Q4: What is Yoon Sang Hyun’s ideal type?
Ans: Because I like fishing and hiking a lot, my ideal type is a lady who can exercise with me, has a healthy body and a forthright character, and with whom I can get along comfortably like friends.
Q5: Yoon Sang Hyun being the CF model of Zoo Coffee again and especially with collaboration in the Chinese market, do you have any particular feelings and thoughts?
Ans: I am proud to be able to become the CF model of Zoo Coffee again. I hope that our cooperation will become a good match and also hope to grow together with the brand.
Q6: Do you like to drink coffee? Which is your favorite among the drinks sold at Zoo Coffee?
Ans: I like coffee very much! My favorite is Caffè Americano. In fact drinks sold at Zoo Coffee all taste fairly good! Each have their distinctive characteristics. I like them all!
Q7: Does Yoon Sang Hyun have any favorite Chinese movie or drama? Which Chinese star would you like to work with?
Ans: Actually I find Chinese period dramas more intriguing. The one that has given me the deepest impression is “Bao Qing Tian (Justice Bao)”. Should there be such an opportunity, I would like to take on the challenge of a Chinese period drama or Kungfu movie. I also admire Chinese actress Gong Li very much. She is very graceful. I hope there will be an opportunity to work with her in future!
Q8: Through this autograph signing event held in Shanghai which also confirms Yoon Sang Hyun’s popularity in China, are there any thoughts or plans to have regular activities in China in future?
Ans: Certainly! I would very much like to interact more with the Chinese fans. I would also like to learn more Chinese and have regular activities in China should there be such opportunities.
Q9: Yoon Sang Hyun played the role of passionate Detective Ha Mu Yeom in “Gabdong” and has earned much affection of TV viewers through your superb acting. How similar does Yoon Sang Hyun think Ha Mu Yeom in the drama is to Yoon Sang Hyun in real life?
Ans: Actually the real me is almost completely different from Ha Mu Yeom’s personality. Oska from “Secret Garden” is more similar to my personality. I belong to the cheerful type.
Q10: The TV drama “Gabdong” has generated much discussion among TV viewers. Does Yoon Sang Hyun have any interesting incidents that had happened during shooting to share with us?
Ans: At the very start of filming, the actors had no idea who Gabdong was. It was very interesting at the time because we would speculate who Gabdong could be. Actually the director had suggested to me to keep long hair so as to give an unruly feeling but I had it cut short. The effect was very good.
Q11: What would Yoon Sang Hyun like to say to the Chinese fans?
(To say a few words in Chinese would be best)

Ans: “Ni Hao Ma (How are you)?” I had learnt these words from watching the Chinese TV dramas during High School, and these words had also left the deepest impression. Actually, I am very grateful for the love and care everyone has given me. I won’t disappoint you and will become a better actor. Thank you! I love you all!
Q12: What plan does Yoon Sang Hyun have for the future or is there a career plan?
Ans: I am now trying to select my next work. For my future, I want to be like Seniors Lee Soon Jae and Park Keun Hyung, to persevere in acting with continuous learning and training and hope to become a good actor everyone recognizes. Whether in acting or life, I want to happily do my best.


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8 Responses to Autograph Signing @ Shanghai BenQ (Media Interview)

  1. Zsuzsi says:

    R1: Why is Shanghai so romantic for him??? Any good experiences? 😀
    R2: As I heard he was in a restaurant there, I wonder if he could try out the chinese cuisines, although I think on the streets he could have done it better!
    R3: Yes, I agree with him completly! 😀
    R4: I always told that I am not his ideal type, as I don’t like fishing. Although, I would like to go fishing with him with pleasure, but then he could hold only the fishing rod, but we could finish it without catching any fish as I am not the silent type! So, my heart is broken and after a shorter or longer crying I have to give up… 😀 Unless, he would change his ideal type in the future… 😀
    R5- R6: It was a very good decision as it is a very good and developing company and SH is a coffee-lover!
    R7: Justice Bao had two wifes as I know, so, I could understand why he wants to take such a role! 😀 I think he could play that role very well, although as I see, JB wasn’t a very good-looking man and making SH up as an ugly man… I don’t know! I have to admit I would also like to see SH flying in the air shouting as BL… In my imagination I have played this scene many times, but until now I was just laughing… Sorry SH-a, I love you so much! 😀
    R8: He should have started much earlier, but good idea. As I think his japanese is not too good and he should improve his english (according to others), starting to learn a 3rd language… It’s a difficult project! I just know as I have been learning french and korean at the same time. One language is much better in one time! Please, the english!!!
    R9: I agree, he is rather OSKA. Although, I think every woman is yearning for such a pure-hearted, protecting man as HMY and I think the monogamous type man, like HMY is much closer to the hearts of women than Oska, who always changed his girlfriends, although he was yearning only for one woman…! 😀
    R10: The spiky hair was fantastic, I loved it very much! I have found out who could be the original Gapdong, so, I am proud of myself! But I had advantage as there’s detective in my family and I have grown up reading police news and crime stories! 😀
    R11: I think from the first korean drama I have learnt more korean sentences and words then SH during that period! 😀 I love his humor! I hope this means he loves not just the chinese fans, but really all of us! Even if I comment such things. But as I remember he loves the forthright women??!
    R12: He is already a very good actor and I wish he could have a much better role and many different ones, just to try himself out in many different roles and just to dazzle his fans and would-be fans in the future! And I do wish a really happy life!^^

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Zsuz, I had a good laugh with your comment to R4, about going fishing with SH but not catching anything because you’re not the silent type 😀 But since SH loves to talk, I’m sure he’ll enjoy the chats with you though might be a problem with the different language. Agree with you on R8 that SH should improve on English. Though learning a language might not be easy for everyone, he should try. I can understand the difficulty as I experience this too learning Korean. One needs constant practice to improve and it’s not easy.

      Who is the BL you’re referring to in R7? SH is a good actor who puts much effort in his roles. Someone had commented to me that SH becomes the character in his roles, unlike some actors who are acting like themselves in each role. So when SH plays Oska, we see him as Oska and not SH. Similarly in all his other roles too. I love his role as HMY and would love to see him in more such roles. But I expect he will once again transform himself into an entirely new character with his future roles. I’m looking forward to his next drama which I hope will be soon.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        He mentioned that he want to act in a Kungfu movie, so, Bruce Lee would be a perfect example for SH! He was studying BL for a long time, as we could see it in Gapdongi! 😀

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        By the way Julee, when I was child I was the only person who could understand well another boy who was unable to talk at his 5 age. So, I think the language is not problem for me. You can speak many languages if the other person doesn’t speak any or only his/her own language. Then you have to solve the problem and I am good at this! I like the challenges, so, I am waiting… 😀 After bucket challenge, that he didn’t accept until now, I start the speaking challenge with SH! 😀 And who knows he might accept it! 😀

  2. shandy says:

    Zsuz’s interesting comments always makes me giggle ^_^

    I think Yoon if not making a joke he must be serious to mean
    business when he said he’s interested in the character of
    Justice Bao, it’s something for putting out the feelers.

    Justice Bao a government officer in ancient time is indeed an
    eminent figure in terms of cultural symbol of justice, and whose
    honesty and upright won popularity in China, thus he’s made
    legendary figure, his clean and incorrupt behavior has taken root
    and it’s a household name. Since JB’s image stands for justice
    and honest, Yoon’s cultivated a fondness of him is
    unquestionable. He puts up the upright figure of JB as a good
    exemplar to unravel his great interest in elevating his acting career
    further north to China. It”s a good shot he makes.

    I always have a hunch that he would sooner or later take a part
    in acting out an ancient costume role. But now Yoon’s much
    surprising me that he’s eyes on China’s period drama or films,
    mostly of China’s serious and tip-top level of production in the
    like. It’s a similar kinda mood as I like the same Chinese
    produce sword play.

    Preferably I would most likely see Yoon playing an ancient
    sword-play hero or a shrewd and dominant emperor, a role
    to fulfill his dream.
    Yup, I hope the door would be open for him to the successful
    road of ancient-costume play, he must be a chivalrous
    good-looking swordman or a king ! ! ! ^_^

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      thank you Shandy, but I just write my opinion down! 😀 Yes, I would like to see him with sword in his hand! My father had a sword, but when I was young he has given to his nephew. I was very angry as it was beautiful, now we have only the photo about it and as my father was very good-looking and slim he looked very well with sword in his hand!

  3. Mimi says:

    My dear ladies , it’s gives me great pleasure to be with u in this wonderful blog to hear , discuss and say our opinions freely .. Thanks dear Julee ❤ … I like SH answers very much as he's so frank having great love to his fans ❤ … Sweet suzy , I like ur comments so much as u always say what u feel & feel without decoration .. U r the forthright that SH likes 😉 also I appreciate ur ability as a good detective to be the first one of my friends to know who Gapdong was , applause ❤ Let me say I like oska's cheering character much and at the same time , I admire HMY 's search for justice with full seriousness .. But he's pure and romantic at the time of love giving his girl all what she needs when they are together .. He kept this balance despite his pains & inner conflicts .. SH was clever to give me this impression with his great performance .. Anyway I like SH as he's cheerful and radiating smiles and happiness wherever he goes .. I'm sure he would be an amazing husband ;). By the way , I like americano and cafe latte much although they make me away million miles of sleeping :D. Thank u ladies and fighting ❤

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      You are right Mimi, “SH always radiates smiles and happiness wherever he goes!” 😀
      He almost always makes my day!

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