5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (덕수리 오형제)

I had been wondering when ‘5 Siblings of Deoksuri’ would be shown in the theaters since filming of the movie had wrapped up at the end of last January but there were hardly any updates on it.  With some of its BTS shots making an appearance on a blog a couple of days ago, perhaps we can expect it to be out soon?
To recap, the movie is about the relationship of 5 siblings through their parents’ re-marriage.
Their relationship as mentioned in my previous post :
Sang Hyun (Su Gyo) and Chanseong (Su Geun) as blood brothers.
Song Sae Byeok (Dong Su) and Lee Young Eun (Hyun Jeong) as their half siblings.

Kim Ji Min as youngest daughter Su Jeong of the remarried parents.
Pics source ……  http://hopesay2.blog.me/220115139809
deoksuri 2
Sang Hyun as the older brother Su Gyo certainly looks the part, though I didn’t expect that hairstyle and black rim glasses.  Another transformation which is a contrast from the tough image of Mu Yeom.
deoksuri 1
Could that be his on-screen baby girl?
3d1m 3
Sang Hyun as Su Gyo bears a close resemblance to himself as Jung Sung Min (above)
from the 2008 drama ‘3 Dads 1 Mum’
That smile remains just the same throughout the years.
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5 Responses to 5 Siblings Of Deoksuri (덕수리 오형제)

  1. shandy says:

    I would agree on some but not all, Julee, still find the
    two characters containing two different characteristics.
    The baby gal was said a child of Su Geun, so Su Gyo
    played by Yoon is the uncle of the baby, in the pic Su
    Gyo is sharing with the baby’s dad having fun with her,
    so cute the baby….

    When does Yoon have his own baby in real ? ^_^
    Look at his eyes are of paternal luv…..

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Shandy, what I meant by resemblance is their looks with those glasses and hair though in Deoksuri 5, his forehead is uncovered. Maybe it’s those glasses. I’m not sure about their characters though. It’s a pity SH’s character in 3D1M was killed off so early and his was just a supporting role. Actually I had watched 3D1M but SH didn’t leave me with a strong impression at that time. Perhaps it’s because his screen time was too short.

      Oh, so that baby isn’t his? Like you, I am waiting to see SH junior someday soon. With such a good looking dad, SH junior will be a beautiful baby ….. with dad’s eyes and smile 😀

      • shandy says:

        Yeah, perhaps the most similar thing they have
        are the black rimmed glasses. ^_^
        I was unable to make a quick sense of Yoon’s
        existence in the pic at the first glance. Some said
        Su Gyo bears semblance to CGW, be honest when
        viewing from SG’s side profile, I couldn’t tell CGW,
        JSM and SG go to the same adorable man. In that
        case I’d be very happy coz’ it would be a very ironclad
        proof for a successful actor to keep his real self away
        from whichever role he acts, it’s good for a good
        actor to take after the traits of a role he’s in.

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    I have also seen the 3D1M and it was a lovely drama, but nothing else. Otherwise, as you can see the last photo, SH was so interesting with that black rimmed glasses, that he left a deep impression in me! As his eyes was not so good and he had to wear glasses, I used to his photos with glasses. And I think this black frame suits him very well. There’s a photo where he wears similar spectacles and there’s a little smoke and that photo is very sexy! As he is looking into the camera that is fantastic. I have made a T-shirt with that photo for me and everybody loves it!
    I would also like to watch the Deoksuri 5, and I don’t understand why they didn’t broadcast it until now? What is the problem with it? On the photos above he is very lovely with that lovely and chubby little girl! He seems to be a real dad of that baby! He surely will be a very good father who will be fond of his children! I could hardly wait to see them, and it doesn’t matter if the children are not the “copy” of him as he surely wants to marry such a person whom he loves very much and that’s why he might like to see the mother also in his children, not just himself! 😀 And I am sure those the smiles will be the same!^^

    • juleecwk says:

      I didn’t know SH at that time when I had watched 3D1M. It was only in MFL when it all began for me 😀

      I know the photo you’re referring to, there were a few of SH with his beautiful eyes framed by those black rim glasses. I like that close-up shot of him resting his head on some surface while staring directly into the camera. So captivating. The pic with the smoke in it is another pic from that set.

      After filming of a movie, I suppose they need to edit it before the final version is shown in the theaters. I thought it would be around the middle of this year, but looks like it’s been delayed for quite a while since it’s already September. And still there’s not much publicity on Deoksuri 5. Previously for Tone Deaf Clinic, there were those promo posters before the screening. Wonder why it’s so quiet for Deoksuri 5. From the couple of BTS pics here, this looks more like a family drama.

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