Arirang Special M60 Ep251 – Encontro Surfing The Wave Of Telenovela

Update on Sang Hyun’s trip to Brazil in June 2014, thanks to Arirang TV.
This is the full 1 hour clip which replaces the earlier clip with the playlist.
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4 Responses to Arirang Special M60 Ep251 – Encontro Surfing The Wave Of Telenovela

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    This film shows the niceest and most famous part of Rio! The view from the Corcovado is fantastic and the Jesus statue is amazing! It was an interesting greeting at the arrival at Rio Airport with the kiss and the flower garland, like in Hawai! 😀 But where his helpers vanished as he didn’t arrived alone at Brazil. And it was strange that pink luggage among SH’s suitcases, I think he should change it for a less striking one if it belongs to him at all?! 😀
    I agree with SH, Rio is beautiful from the field and from the sky, hopefully, once I could see it personally, walking on the Copacabana, where everyone is really equal and standing in front of statue Jesus, the Redeemer and I can see the wonderful view! It was funny that he is unable to go anywhere in Rio without recognizing him: He could get some brazilian feeling of life on the train to Corcovado! 😀
    Otherwise, it was watching SH’s facial expressions when he was tasting something, meats, any foods, fruits… He is unable to lie as when he told it was delicious, his face showed totally different opinion! 😀 I think he likes fruits very much! Khaki is not my favorite, but strawberry, yeah! Carambola is not a big thing, and I have never eaten cashew apple until now, only cashew nut! 😀 I don’t like Maracuja. 😀 Our Vásárcsarnok in Budapest is very similar to the one in Sao Paolo and all the tourists also visit it! Hopefully, once SH will be among them! 😀 I think he is rarely eating with fork and knife as he held those not in the right hands 😀 Although, that pasta could be really good! 😀
    The songs about Rio is really good, I also love them! The name of Jacarepagua was familiar to me, but not from Globo, but from the circuite Piquet, where the F-1 race were held. And I have to tell at that moment I laughed a lot as SH looked like an american rapstar or a baseball fan in that sport jersey with the baseball cap! 😀 Otherwise, I know many brazilian actors and actresses from this video as I have seen many brazilian soapopera in the hungarian televisions.
    Nowadays, SH used to the kisses very much and he wants to kiss many things, like panda, the mannequin! I think SH was at the best place when he arrived at the costume’s workshop. By the way, why he has wearing that tattoo???
    I think the “common” song of SH and Fabio wasn’t so strange, I liked it! And the lyrics, well, it was such a SH’s type! 😀
    Thanks to Arirang that it was subbed and dubbed in english, so, we could understand everthing! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Since this filming is for Arirang’s broadcast and is meant to feature SH in Brazil, they probably didn’t want the other staff to be present at the scene. It was the same when he was having lunch at the Mercado where he was filmed eating that big sandwich by himself. I noticed that he just took a bite of it and then he was shown eating the other dessert which he seems to enjoy very much. That sandwich was still on the plate on the other side of the table, probably for his staff to share since he couldn’t finish it or maybe didn’t like it. He definitely didn’t like that local dish which was much too salty for him. I wonder if he finished it.

      About the kissing, the panda and mannequin are inanimate objects. Not sure though if he would do it freely with a person. But there was one time in that program when he was so happy that his fan made the comment he’s better than Hyun Bin so he kissed her cheek. And that was a first as he don’t usually kiss his fans, so she was very lucky. He did promise to give out kisses on the cheek for 50?? fans if the ratings for Gapdongi would go beyond 5% or was it 7%? But unfortunately, the ratings did not reach his target.

      If you had not pointed out that mark on his lower arm, I wouldn’t have noticed. Probably a temporarily tattoo? SH was probably not too satisfied with his impromptu lyrics but it was good enough that he could write it within a short time. He seems to like sad lyrics such as memories of the past relationships or missing someone. Don’t you think there must be some lady on his mind or is he using his previous relationships as his inspiration?

      I’m glad that Arirang updated this subbed clip on Youtube so we did not need to wait for its broadcast. I had planned to re-watch it last Sunday but forgot about it. Anyway I’ve already watched it twice 🙂

      • Zsuzsi says:

        Yes, I also feel that he is missing someone, at least from his lyrics and his interviews, but if he would really miss her he would take a step towards that person. But sometimes I fell that he has made much more steps and he is very close that person, closer than we think! I don’t know he is always so misterious.
        I’m curious why he has bought that lovely dog! (My favorite, I posted its photo on the hungarian-korean page and everyone loved it just like me!) I think there are two cause why someone buys dogs according to me. 1./ He/she feels alone and wants a mate. 2./ If he/she has a partner whom loves very much and wants to strenghten the relationship, but not with a marriage! ??? I don’t know which of them are in case of SH!? Or I don’t want to know! 😀 This last is not true, I want to know! 😀

  2. shandy says:

    I’ve got these cranky ideas when Zsuz made a mention of
    equality of mankind. To me men are only equal either we’re
    stripped or crushed by the doomsday…….but not until that
    day coz’ we could still enjoy the privilege of equality by
    lounging for a lazy day under the sun on the Cobacabana

    It’s really enjoyable shall I say the improvisional music group
    on board the tram were in the groove with their up-down
    nature of drum beating that Julia was so much enchanted by
    jiggling in time to its tune, meanwhile Yoon’s almost springing
    himself out of the seat, when had he ever acted like an
    enthusiastic fan, this time was not for selfie but taking down the
    merry-making scene with his mobile phone at that precious
    moment, wow, feel like wanna join in the fun too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brazilians mainly are passionate, as they are to football. They
    are zealous for life, if we have a deeper peep through their hyper
    connection to samba music, the soul of life pervasively touches
    upon every nook and cranny in all walks of life. Ever since I’d
    started growing fonder of Brazilian soccer streaming with samba
    tune, I would never forget how the people of Brazil catapulted and
    entranced to their frantic joy and kicked up their heels with
    samba whenever Brazilian team trounced their rivals with
    sparkling samba football. It’s no surprise at all when the whole
    world of people have been mesmerized with the kinda propulsive
    rhythm the samba tempo of soccer ! The culture of Brazilian’s
    samba thus makes an unimaginable fervency !

    I believe Yoon must have a liking in Brazil’s samba if not the most.
    I’m titillated seeing his eyes sparkling with “stars” after he’s
    promised a song gifted by his Brazilian counterpart with a genre of
    Brazil’s Bossa Nova, a mix of samba and jazz. It’s definitely soul
    inspiring with Fabio Cadero singing with mellifluous, gentle and
    light-hearted up tempo tune…..
    Yoon’s all talented in his writing the impromptu lyrics, say the truth,
    I’m all drinking in it. I can’t nitpick any part of the lyrics that were
    sung out softly through the euphonic voice and the guitar sound
    complementing with each other symmetrically in a sense of fluid.
    It’s songful, and Yoon’s near breathing with the song itself, I can’t
    tell how much I luv his voice as if it’s an element defying gravity.
    I have been keyed up b4 the lyrics were made up, but soon Yoon
    proves me with his cells overflowing with all artistic language of
    blood. Imagining he’s a total novice of Bossa Nova, what’s more
    added to my anxiety is he was put in an all strange environment,
    to gather his thoughts is not easy…… I think the biggest driving
    force come from Fabio Cadero whose singing tone held a
    powerful magnetic field and affectionate ethos stirred Yoon’s
    feelings coming into play as well inspiring Yoon to put up his
    coherent prowess coming up with such a touching lines of lyrics.
    While the lyrics themselves had kept in store a bundle of longing,
    was he missing someone ?!~~
    Brazil’s Bossa Nova, a genre that has an inexorable appealing to
    ignite Yoon’s emotions. I’m absolutely soaked in it with an echoed
    sentiment ” Keep the Bossa Nova playing ! ”

    When we look at Yoon having his thumbs up after tasting a good
    food, we may be amazed at how hyper while super’s still not enou
    delicious the Brazilian pastel could be to me. I’m no gourmet and
    I don’t think Yoon is, but he simply whets my appetite with his
    savory of the authentic culinary delights. Our Zsuz said the yummy
    food could be told from his facial expression, yup, it’s true !
    How painful scenario it could be when chewing the dish as salty
    as salt into a bolus and then be thrust into his esophagus in a
    process of peristalsis. I’d say it’s a maneuver of torment, the most
    unforgettable ordeal he’d ever experienced in his life, hahaha ! ! !
    Look at his painful yet lovable expression, I can’t hold up myself
    from laughing out loud ! ! !

    I luv all kinda fruits, as long as they can be swallowed. You won’t
    understand how enticing it could be when I’m watching Yoon
    tasting the kinda Brazilian fruits, munching and then swallowing,
    Oh, I luv seeing him chewing the strawberry. When he comes
    back to his homeland, any fruiterers wanna sign up a celebrity
    for cf, gets him ! You won’t be wrong. ^_^

    Yoon’s trip to Brazil playing a role of culture diplomat, all comes
    too well to me and it will never be expurgated from my memory…
    juz as he took on the role of an echo-friendly ambassador to
    Switzerland !

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