Sang Hyun’s Trip To Brazil (Arirang Special)

Yay, finally we get to watch the full episode of Sang Hyun’s trip to Brazil on 23rd June which is being broadcast on Arirang TV for the whole of this week.  This episode titled ‘Encontro, Surfing The Wave Of Telenova’ is on Arirang Special from 8th – 15th September. Some of the episodes were of a shorter 30 mins duration while others were a full 60 mins.
What’s great is that this special episode can be watched on its Live TV without a need to register or login.  Just check the Live TV schedule and tune in.  The next episode will be shown this Sunday 14th @ 16:00 (KST) and a repeat on the following Monday 16th @ 5:00 (KST).
arirang special 1





To check Arirang Live TV schedule
Click on the TV schedule as above to display the broadcast schedule for the week.


schedule 2
schedule 3
Next full 60 mins episode of Sang Hyun’s trip to Brazil on this Sunday 14th @ 16:00 (KST).
Final episode on following Monday 15th @ 05:00 (KST)


To watch live, click on ‘On Air TV’ which will open up the media player.

The episode could probably be re-watched from the Video On Demand (VOD) section for registered members which requires login. 
vod 3a


mercado municipal
Sang Hyun at the Mercado Municipal in Sao Paulo

mercado municipal 2
Happy watching on Arirang Special.
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