Arirang Special M60 Ep251 (2)

Though I had planned to catch this episode of Sang Hyun’s visit to Brazil on Arirang Live TV last Sunday, I forgot to tune in.  But since it’s been posted on You Tube, I’ve watched it 3 times.  It’s nice to see the beautiful places in Brazil and share in Sang Hyun’s experiences.  And to see the candid expression on his face ….. priceless.


At the Selaron Steps, Sang Hyun: I should have brought my Gapdong stickers.
Brazil-3Trying the popular local dish Feijoada which didn’t go down too well ……




At the Mercado Municipal market, trying one of the local fruits with a weird taste.


Granadila which resembles frog spawn but tasted delicious.



Brazil-12Trying to figure out how to eat the thick Brazuca sandwich.



Brazil-15Hmm …….. delicious




Brazil-19Meeting up with Brazilian singer-songwriter Fabio Cadore
An impromptu composition of lyrics for Fabio’s song




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8 Responses to Arirang Special M60 Ep251 (2)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It doesn’t matter how many times I see these scenes, I always burst out to laugh! His mimic is so fantastic and very significant! 😀 Mainly when he tasted the salty meat! 😀 If I have bad days and today I had, I just had to see this scene and I forgot all my troubles! 😀 He really made my day! I think I won’t like to cook any hungarian, unknown meal for him as he won’t be able to hide his real feelings! Although, the hungarian kitchen is very tasty according to the foreigners! I am not so transparent as SH, if I don’t like some meals I just say: very interesting! 😀 But I think who knows me well, that would realize that meal is not my favorite! 😀
    Watching the last photo I wonder if SH was so interested in the bossa-nova rhythm or in the eyes of the blond singer! 😀 I have to admit that the samba works for me better than the bossa-nova! 😀 And I don’t like to dance, but when I hear the rhythm of samba, my feet start to move unintentionally! 😀 The Rio Carnival is fantastic, once I’d like to see it!^^

    • shandy says:

      Me too, dear Zsuz, I’m still rolling in the aisel ! ^_^
      Shall I call it a painful and lovely experience for our
      lovely man….haha …

      For the 8th pic, a Brazilian lady not far away, was looking
      on as Yoon made a sour face, amused and intrigued,
      she must have laughed out loud later.

      Yoon’s funny expression is cute and a sweet candy~~
      It reminds me with a flash back of my past experience….
      I was dinning at a restaurant with a friend, the dish was
      sooooo salty that I couldn’t stand, I sprang from my seat
      quickly rushing to look for wash basin to clean up the
      unagreeable salty remnant inside my mouth , meanwhile
      there’re already many pairs of queer eyes focusing on me.
      What’s even worse when I claimed a glass of warm water
      to dilute the saltiness of mee in my plate, I’s looked
      upon as someone descending the earth from somewhere
      unknown, oh, my cheeks flushed red…. I’d got the feeling
      that I was not their same “specie”……..

  2. shandy says:

    Before watching the episodes, I’s thinking Yoon would write
    words to the song composed by Fabio Cadero in English in
    which they would be able to reach a universal congeniality
    of a breathing song to open up the hearts…..
    Sorry, I was wrong….. I’ve overlooked the influential power
    which takes form in an incredible true connection working on
    traversing mind space between the two men with so many
    differences but still with one thing in common, i.e. a liking
    for music, a tool they used in communicating their thoughts
    and emotions, an occasion for a talented knowing well about
    a brilliant….

    In front of music, there’s no poser. Music speaks the mind,
    tells the heart, and one more thing is, with music playing,
    all are equal.

    I luv seeing the two men sharing the same piece of work with
    their own languages without boundaries. It’s the power of music
    put them together coherently, surpassing all barricades and
    dashing towards the same point. It’s so wonderful of its feelings,
    and the speechlessness of its beauty, for singing, for sharing,
    for languishing and for edifying…….the spirit of music is immortal

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      Yes, Shandy the music tides over all linguistic barriers! Perhaps, we don’t know the lyrics, but the tune has a deep effect on our emotions! It’s fantastic to listen to a song, but it’s much better to sing it with the performer together! That’s why on a concert so great energies move!

  3. juleecwk says:

    One thing I like about SH is his genuineness, when his feelings are transparent on his face. And in moments such as these, it’s also amusing 🙂 Though he commented that the sandwich was delicious, his expression didn’t seem to agree. Or perhaps it’s a bit messy to eat so he set it aside to eat when he’s off camera. As for the lyrics, perhaps SH is more comfortable writing in in his native language compared to English.

  4. Mimi says:

    Everything is drown on SH face .. We can read what’s inside him easily even if the tongue says the opposite 😀 .. I like his type , the simple , easy going , frank , forthright and lovely 😀 .. I don’t like salty food too and hope next time I fly with SH in that helicopter to enjoy beautiful scenery .. Fighting ❤

  5. Mimi says:

    I forgot to ask our cute guy for a favor .. Would u please develop ur english for the sake of ur fans who love uuuuu ? ❤ love and support u forever (y)

    • juleecwk says:

      Agree with you Mimi, wish SH would ‘learn’ English and it would be easier for more fans to communicate with him. I think he should know some simple English but did not practice on it. 🙂

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