Message On Weibo (19th September 2014)

weibo 19-09-2014
Update 19th Sept 2014
한국은 청명한 가을 하늘에 날씨가 아주 좋아요.. 중국팬 여러분들도 맑고 화창한 하루 보내시길 바랍니다.^^
Very good weather in South Korea with clear Autumn skies …. hope the Chinese fans too enjoy a clear sunny day.
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4 Responses to Message On Weibo (19th September 2014)

  1. Mimi says:

    Not only the Chinese fans love u but the overseas fans love u (perhaps more ):D the clear sky of South Korea is stunning definitely , thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful view and thanks for updating ur weibo .. (y) .. I’m looking forward to seeing u in your birthday celebration to enjoy being with u (even from faraway) .. Fighting ❤

    • shandy says:

      Hi, Mimi, b4 finishing your lines, I thought you’re
      gonna have a sweet meet-up with our sweet and
      cute man, haha ! Sometimes I wish we may have
      a destined bump-into-him somewhere sometime
      out there at the corner of an unknown where it
      comes to be even more of a surprise associated
      with lots of excitement……..^_^

  2. Mimi says:

    Hi Shandy , it’s one of my dreams to meet SH 😉 .. I’m waiting for such a desined pump – into -him somewhere 😀 To be honest and frank , I like SH fans much ( everywhere ).. Some of the Chinese fans are so close to me and have a special place in my heart but I felt a little bit jealous as he concerns to them only on his weibo 😀 I’m just kidding 😀 I like all people mainly those who love SH &I’m sure he loves all of us too .. Love is a priceless gift from God and SH signifies that love ❤ ❤

    • shandy says:

      Yes, it may come to the same feeling when his major
      concern is placed on the Japanese fansite,,,, sorry, I’m
      envious and……green-eyed, haha ! I’m only joking ^_^
      I know he’s a warm-hearted man, he loves all his fans.
      Wherever he goes, he’ll absolutely carry along with him
      his warm and sunny, lovely and charming smile !

      When I think about this, it’ll ease my concern about his
      main concern and I feel a seemingly true connection
      with him……..

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