To Sang Hyun ….. Happy Birthday

Happy birthday SH 2

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9 Responses to To Sang Hyun ….. Happy Birthday

  1. shandy says:

    To dearest Sang Hyun oppa,

    Your existence makes the world a beautiful place
    studs the clear nite sky like thousands of twinkling stars

    —— your smile, making everyday a sunny day
    —— your humor, turning the globe into a vivacious place
    —— your playfulness overlapped with zest for life, perking
    up the tempo from monosyllabic into the multisyllabic
    —— your edifying ups and downs

    all weave into the dramatic experiences, enriching your
    flavorful presence seasoning with the past of hardship
    have turned you into a beautiful flamingo
    with a burning and dauntless spirit
    with the pastel charms all in the eyes, forever…….
    you are a fortune of rare gems
    it is so precious
    no other treasure can beat it down
    the spirit of charm… always there…..

    May this precious day——the same day you were brought into
    the world, be a mallow-colored contrail dragged through the
    sky with abundant bless and happiness !

    Happy Birthday To You !

    It’s so wonderful and so good to know, to like, and to love you ! ! !
    Juz as dawn breaks when the nite is gone…..
    Your smile, be filled with sunshine and joy, every day ,every month.
    every year……

    Thank You For Everything ! ! !

  2. sheeprondo says:

    Happy birthday, Sang Hyun 🙂

  3. Mimi says:

    You & I may be far apart but my wishes are with u on ur birthday , my angel ❤ .. May u get the best of everything in life , a great year full of health , love and success and a day that's as special as u r ❤ .. Many happy returns of the day and an amazing year a head ❤ ❤

  4. says:

    Happy Birthday Hyun Sang ! May you be blessed with good health and good fortune!!!

  5. aki says:

    To my all time fav. actor, wishing you ” THE BEST OF THE VERY BEST ” on your special day ! ! !
    LOVE, HAPPINESS, GOOD HEALTH @ SUCCESSES always comes on your ways through the
    years. . . ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ” my dearest ” OPPA ” . . . ” HYUN SANG HYUN ! ! !

    ” L O V E… Y O U … L I K E … T H E … F I R S T … T I M E . . .

  6. Peri says:

    Happy birthday to my dear! Wish you all the best of live! Love you!

  7. Zsuzsanna says:

    As today is Sang-Hyeon’s birthday, I was thinking about him and our “relationship”! 😀 Well, I have been knowing him since almost 5 years, and that is really very much! 😀 And if I am thinking about it, and I have to admit that he was participating in every day of my life since that time! I saw a photo or a video about him, I watched his film or an episode of one of his dramas or I was commented a post relating to him or I was talking about him with friends or korea fans or I was just thinking about him… 😀 So, this is like a “marriage with a captain” or something like that, without personal contact as he is sailing on faraway waters. And I am sure if he won’t be in my everyday life, I would miss him very much, even if we are not too close to each other!
    Thank you for the days we had “spent” together! So, Sang-Hyeon-a, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and many-many others in the future, just because being a little bit selfish, I want you to stay in my life for a long time making my days happy or sad or making me laugh or cry!^^

    • juleecwk says:

      Dear Zsuz, you made me laugh with your description of your ‘captain’ who’s sailing faraway and someone you’ve yet to meet. Perhaps it’s time to meet him at his next port of call 😀

  8. juleecwk says:

    Dear ladies, thanks for all the birthday wishes for Sang Hyun. It would have been lovely if all of us could have joined in the birthday event. It doesn’t matter from where you are, your love is just as sweet. 🙂

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