Sang Hyun’s Birthday Event 2014

bday event 2014
Sang Hyun’s birthday event last Sunday, somewhere in Seoul ……. finally the day has come and gone, and fans who had been there would have returned home with great memories.  Till next year. 
Just wanted to say thank you to the fans who had shared the event in their blogs and gave us the opportunity to read about it even if through google translate.  I am glad that we do get to see the venue and even a couple of pics of Sang Hyun which is not so common for such occasions  ~ ありがとう~

Please check out the above links for the full account and pics from the birthday fan meeting.
All pics below from Cholcolatier’s blog at above link, thanks for her generous sharing.
The gist I got from Chocolatier’s account ……


bday poster
A couple of the large posters of Sang Hyun which was around the gardens during the treasure hunt.  They were later brought into the hall when the fan meeting started and placed below on both sides of the stage.
Cut-outs of Sang Hyun at the entrance
The birthday fan meeting was held at the hotel where they were staying and seating was decided through a draw.  The fan meeting was to begin at 17:00 but with half an hour to go, they had a surprise treasure hunt around the garden next to the venue.  Some 20 pieces of paper with numbers on them were hidden there and those lucky enough to find them would receive special gifts such as the Zoo Coffee tumbler and the clothing which Sang Hyun had worn during the filming of Gapdongi and at a concert rehearsal.  It must have been a mad scramble with 130 people trying to locate these pieces of paper but it must have been fun too.  Seeing how the venue had been decorated with those lovely posters of Sang Hyun, these would have been great spots for photo taking.
bday event 3
The stage had 2 lovely large posters of Sang Hyun with the misty background of Shanghai.  I could not help but wonder what they would do with these after the event is over.  They are too nice to be discarded or kept stored away.


bday event 5
The large posters placed below both sides of the stage

bday event 4

Dinner was served before the event started.  I suppose that’s a sensible arrangement as who could concentrate on the food if he was there.  Finally at 19:00, he made his entrance from the back of the venue and handed out flowers to each table as he passed by.  One can imagine the excitement which must have been palpable.  The event started off with the birthday cake and singing of the birthday song.  But what was totally unexpected was Sang Hyun personally handing out small packs of rice cakes to everyone.


bday event 6

rice cake

During the interview by the MC Gong Daeyu, Sang Hyun said that for his birthday he would often drink seaweed soup and rice cakes made by his mum.  He had drank the seaweed soup at his parents’ house on his lunar birthday on 3rd September.  His good friend and buddy Seung Chul had sent him birthday wishes early that morning.  When asked for the reason that he’s handing out the rice cakes, he said that in Korea rice cakes are shared during birthdays but as this is the first time he’s sharing it with so many people, he wanted to personally pass it to each of them.
Regarding his feelings about his birthdays, he feels grateful to his parents but now he feels sorry as besides being busy with work, he has not been able to get married yet.  And the regret would increase each year.
Skipping to the part about the presents arranged on stage, one of the gifts were an RC helicopter as the one Sang Hyun had was broken (?).  It certainly brought a sparkle to his eyes.  It must have brought him much joy as he extended a hug towards the fans.  For the lucky fans who had managed to find the numbered papers in the treasure hunt, they had to play the ‘rock-paper-scissors’ game with Sang Hyun before they can get their preferred gifts.  But he would mischievously give them something which they did not pick.
Turning to talk on the fighting scenes in Gapdongi, a stand-in had to be used and only the upper body shots were shown.  With the physically demanding and tight shooting schedule in Korea, it would be too easy to get hurt which would disrupt filming so a stand-in would often be used for dangerous scenes.  Sang Hyun made reference to the Japanese drama ‘Beautiful Life’ in which Kimura Takuya had acted and which he thinks is a very good drama.  According to Wiki, this drama from 2000 was very popular and holds the rating record of 41.3%.
In answer to one of the questions about his dog, he says there is a lot of space at his parent’s house.  He likes the Akita but cannot bring it into Korea so he got a Collie.  It is his dream to keep more animals some day (chicken, ducks, sheep?).  He had also received a Chinese Sharpei from a friend of his mum.
In an answer game with fans, the last one remaining got to act out the proposal scene with Sang Hyun.  I think that should be the final scene from Can’t Lose where Hyeong Woo and Eun Jae had made up and he had said ‘Let’s live with each other a thousand years’.  Having read the second part of Eri’s post on the game of elimination, it gives me the impression that this is what Sang Hyun likes for a woman ……. with natural, long straight hair without bangs and wears skirts.  And they also played a number guessing game.  Finally it was time for the personal photos taking with Sang Hyun before the event ended around 21:50.   
I hope I read it correctly that he had told them to wait a while longer for his performance in Japan to be confirmed and the announcement of his next project.  Could we expect another drama and concert soon?
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2 Responses to Sang Hyun’s Birthday Event 2014

  1. caribka says:

    Thanks a lot for the updates and translation of the fanaccounts.

  2. shandy says:

    To me dinning in Korea is in an elaborated manner.
    Looking at Yoon giving away the Korean traditionally
    steamed rice cake to each and every one taking part
    in the fan-meet, I’d phrase it as a” symbolic food of
    felicity and well being ” which embraces blessing, care,
    love and happiness………is exactly what the originality

    I appreciate the way he incorporated the compliment of
    festival into this precious gather-togetherness with fans,
    this lovely man is inspiring love and care by ingraining
    the concept of his country’s food culture into us, how
    splendid he is ~~ ! ! !!!!!!!

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