Message On Weibo (1st October 2014)

weibo 011014
어느덧 10월이 왔네요… 잠시잠깐, 차 한잔의 여유로 가을의 낭만을 느끼시길 바랄게요^^
Before we know it, October is here …..
Wait a while, with a cup of tea I hope to feel the romance of Autumn  ^ ^
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3 Responses to Message On Weibo (1st October 2014)

  1. shandy says:

    Autumn conjures the bursts of dazzling enchantment
    out of the greenery……
    It’s a season to bring in real magic on nature.
    It’s a time to delight the senses of eyes and nose with
    the mountain sides shrouded with blazing red and orange
    and purple ; and the crisp breeze that floats down or drift
    pass freeing our minds from the shackles……

    The call of mountainous wild is irresistible….
    It’s emblazoned with the foliage vibrant color that displays
    a spectacular beauty apt at calling back the nostalgia….

    Fall to me is inspirational.
    Our adorable man brings back the sort of romance of
    autumnal feelings, and I have every reason to fall for autumn

  2. Mimi says:

    I like to feel romance in autumn mainly with a cup of coffee 😀 I can feel love and warmth 😉 thanks oppa

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    The autumn is my favorite season as the colors of the forests are fantastic. It’s the season of the way to the passing away a little bit, but beautiful! I like to walk on the paths full of fallen leaves among the amazing colorful trees. It dazzles me with its beauty!^^ Feeling the romance? 😀 Well, if I could sit with SH beside a cup of hot green tea, perhaps, I could feel it… 😀
    Otherwise, it’s interesting that SH “invited us” for a cup of tea with an advertisement of a coffee! 😀 But never mind, any time!!! 😀

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