Remembering Kwan Woo

Some time ago, I had re-watched Secret Garden on one of our local TV channels.  Had another pleasant surprise when I came across the trailer for I Hear Your Voice and found out that it is now showing on that same channel on week nights.  So I get to see Kwan Woo all over again.
One of my favorite scenes in tonight’s episode …… Kwan Woo using sign language in court.
Sang Hyun’s wonderful performance in this scene continues to touch my heart, as it did when I had watched it the first time …. and still brings tears to my eyes to listen to his moving defense.

ihyv ep 4-3What if it wasn’t for just 50 seconds, but they couldn’t hear you for 50 years ……
ihyv ep 4-2
In that long time, was it so hard for even one person around the defendant to listen to her voice?
ihyv ep 4-1
The person who made the defendant stand here today, may not be the defendant herself,
but we who are deaf ……

This scene in the first 4 minutes of this clip

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4 Responses to Remembering Kwan Woo

  1. says:

    Secret Garden is again shown here but not yet for I hear your voice.i’m already excited to see Kwan Woo.

    • juleecwk says:

      I’m looking forward to SH’s new drama, hope it won’t be long before he acts in another one.
      And it would be nice if he can surprise us with a new character.

  2. Mimi says:

    And new OSTs too dear Julee .. No doubt he was great performing the role of KW with that perfect skill of sign language .. He always does his best to be the best , in my eyes he’s always the best .. This is SH the multi – talented artist who respects his fans (y) fighting

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    Sang-Hyeon was really great in this role, I loved his acting very much! His performance was really great! If the scriptwriter could have formed his role better, that would be better. But he took out the best from his role and he became really good actor, that we could see in his next role in Gapdongi! I am proud of him as he becomes better and better and I do hope that next time he will get such a role which will give him a much bigger popularity and mainly an award at least!!! Although, he has already received Zsuzsanna’s best actor award! 😀 And I just want to admit that learning the sign language is very hard, so… ❤

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