Forever Best Friend

Best friends
Original pic from Seung Chul’s Facebook
A dedication to Sang Hyun & Man Seok
내 사랑하는 친구야 ….
I am so happy that we are here together on this beautiful day.
We look really good together, don’t we?
And they all say I’m so cute.
You know you are now my forever best friend
Or should I say, your forever best 4 legged friend.
Even if most of the time I might run way ahead of you

I will always stay by your side.
Come rain or shine ….
Even through the darkest days
I will always walk beside you

And go where you lead me.
I know there will be times
When you will be far away from me.
But I will always be right here waiting
For the moment when you step through that door.
My joy would be boundless
Being with my best friend.
So when are we going for that ride again?

To catch the fish that got away that day.

May that pretty lady who shares your heart
Be my forever friend
We will climb up that mountain
To feel the wind and catch the stars
Together ……

Your forever best 4 legged friend & family
nsc fb 15-10-2014b
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7 Responses to Forever Best Friend

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Lovely man
    Lovely dog
    Lovely picture
    Lovely verse 🙂

  2. sheeprondo says:

    I miss Taebong, the dog that the human Taebong keeps in Queen of Housewives.
    I learned from an interview that Sang Hyun had adopted it but where is it now?

    • juleecwk says:

      Taebong makes me laugh a lot, especially when he teases Ji Aie. There was this scene where she came upon Taebong the dog and confused it with the wrong command of ‘sit down’ and ‘stand up’. When Taebong the man corrected her and showed her which is which, it was so funny the way he emphasized the 2 commands in her face. He’s simply adorable as Taebong.

      Did he really adopt that dog? But surely it must have belonged to someone. I did not hear about this though.

  3. shandy says:

    The Adorable Man And His Dog

    Never and ever
    A friend is truer than Man Seok
    Always makes the world a better place
    Suffused with untrammeled wilderness
    Slip the leash of his passion for Mother Nature
    It makes him the best company
    Both bathe in the sun
    Go beyond the boundaries for hiking
    Only to fulfill his dream of a rambler

    He remembers his dog
    It remembers its master
    The bond of loyalty can never desert them
    It makes it a rainbow
    For an unfettered wander of his loneliness
    The best faithful friend ever
    Always be there near to him…

  4. Zsuzsanna says:

    They are really lovely together and perhaps, the harmony is not so perfect between them at the walking as it was in case of the two Taebongs, but I see from this photo that they really loves each other. Manseok is really beautiful dog and as a shepherd dog he must be very clever and learn very easily. I am happy that SH wants to train his dog personally, as the harmony between the dog and owner could be realized only this way! I had two dogs and shepherd ones and they were really clever. What I show them once, they could do immediatelly! The first, Teddy was very good in apporting and finding things and the second, Robin was very excellent in agility and finding things. Both of them had different personalities even if they were the same breed. I think SH loves this dog very much, he is his daddy! And I have to admit, there’s nobody even if you are in love with someone, who can be so happy every time when you arrive at home or when you wakes up at 7 o clock in the morning as a dog! 😀 That smiling face in the morning would spice up your day. And when you are sad, just look into his brown eyes and the sadness is faraway… So, I am happy that SH has Manseok!^^

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